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    Forecast how many West Coast fans make it into the G

    im pretty sure there is no way of knowing definitively but I wonder how many West Coast fans will make it to the G on Saturday? Seems like almost all of Perth are packing up and heading on over. I know 12 people coming over alone, plus you all on BF. And I’ve been walking past people wearing...
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    VFL shafts Eagles Again

    We get another Sunday fixture on round 23 despite being likely top four finisher while essendon and port get Friday night and Carlton Saturday night. Happy days!
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    Prediction With Selwood gone, who will get the VC?

    shuey for me, think he speaks really well and has had a number of consistent years now. Could see him as captain for a period of time before Sheed/Duggan are ready.
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    Toast Priddis Appreciation Thread

    Well done Priddis on backing up your Brownlow year with another solid effort, silencing the haters and turning the doubters. Well deserved second place in the Charlie. A true Eagles champ. Can't wait to see him tear it up at the G on Saturday. Go West Coast.
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    Help finding footage/photo

    im trying to find footage of the player in the 1980s/very early 90s who flips out at an umpire and points at his own temple angrily. Can't remember the player or find the footage with some simple google searches. Help appreciated! I've seen it on the TV/fox footy quite often if that helps...
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    If you were a budding young coach which club...

    Would you opt to coach? Carlton or Essendon? Discuss. Carlton for me. The prospect of losing half the team to 24 month suspension doesn't excite. Despite the fact the list is twice as good as carltons.
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    The Spitter

    Saw this on the AFL website. Interesting read. I saw Yeo line up in this capacity a couple of times, Wellingham also. A bit hard to see on the TV though. Anyone on the ground notice this strategy over the...
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    All-stars Game Friday Night

    Is the Indigenous All-Stars game going to be telecast anywhere? I can't find it and would have thought Fox would cover it?

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