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  1. JuniorBurger

    Competitions Port Board: Ultimate Footy

    I am You got red on you.
  2. JuniorBurger

    Competitions Port Board: Ultimate Footy

    At least I avoided the wooden spoon. Injuries were a killer this season. Got some serious recruiting to do. Premier to 9th in 3 seasons. Oh the humanity.
  3. JuniorBurger

    Opinion 2020 membership renewal

    For the next three games anyway. 😂
  4. JuniorBurger

    Opinion 2020 membership renewal

    Should have known 😂
  5. JuniorBurger

    Opinion 2020 membership renewal

    I am not likely to renew next year for the first time in 19 years for financial reasons. My missus is pregnant with twins and I just cannot justify the expense. Still my passion for going has dissipated over the past couple of years. The only hesitation I have is the fact that I like most of...
  6. JuniorBurger

    Opinion 2020 membership renewal

    I sit in row c seat 11.
  7. JuniorBurger

    Opinion 2020 membership renewal

    Which row do you sit in? I am sure I am in your bay. 534 by any chance?
  8. JuniorBurger

    2nds Crows vs Port Adelaide - Round 13 @ Port Pirie

    We scored 101 last week.
  9. JuniorBurger

    Game Day R3 Port v Fitzroy, at the Gabba

    Game of Thrones round is next week. :)
  10. JuniorBurger

    Game Day Port vs Carlton

    We had to do this for our boy in October. The hardest thing we've ever had to do. I hope the Port boys can raise your families spirits even if only temporarily.
  11. JuniorBurger

    Injury Jake Patmore ACL

    Such rotten news for the kid. Hope to see ya back better than ever in 2020 Jake.
  12. JuniorBurger

    Competitions Port Board: Ultimate Footy

    Yeah that was me. Was bored the other night. Figured it prob wouldn't work. :$
  13. JuniorBurger

    Famous/well known Port supporters

    Didn't know Ben Folds was a Port fan. Ironic that the song performed before he came on stage was NTUA sung by Tim Minchin.
  14. JuniorBurger

    News Joe Atley and Jarrod Lienert sign new deals with Port

    Just got the email. Really didn't expect that. Pleasantly surprised
  15. JuniorBurger

    Will you be renewing for 2019

    I was weighing up whether to renew this year. Having been quite disillusioned with all the goings on off and on the field this season. This is legitimately the first time I have ever doubted my renewal since first signing up preseason 2001. The people I sit with are not renewing for various...
  16. JuniorBurger

    Competitions Port Board: Ultimate Footy

    Meanwhile my mess of a squad has limped to an undeserved prelim lol. Its seems I ran on to you at the right time mate.
  17. JuniorBurger

    Changes v Magpies

    Yup I've had him as my skipper in UF pretty much all season and have reaped the rewards. After taking the minor premiership i was 9 points away from going out in straight sets. I need a fair game from Grundy the next 2 weeks.

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