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  1. JuniorBurger

    Blast from the past

    If anyone is interested Foxtel are showing Port vs Brisbane from 2002 on FS1. Great game one of the best I have ever been too.
  2. JuniorBurger

    Pedro Mendes

    In distressing news from tonight's game against Man City, Pedro Mendes has been stretchered off with a neck injury after being 'challenged' by Ben Thatcher. According too the radio commentary it was bordering on assault from Thatcher who went high on Mendes with his elbow whilst Mendes was of...
  3. JuniorBurger

    Crouchzinho 4 England.

    Nice one Crouchie Now all he has too do is get out on the field with the 3 lions on his shirt and I will win my bet. Of course he will have too relocate himself back too the premiership if the unthinkable happens on Sunday. :p
  4. JuniorBurger

    Sad but funny

    Sorry guys just found this funny. They look like those 2 old guys from the Muppets Show.
  5. JuniorBurger

    Honour a spur for Wilson

    Honour a spur for Wilson 1:48:43 PM Fri 18 March, 2005 Alan Shiell Sportal for Michael Wilson, Port Adelaide's new deputy vice-captain, hopes to start his comeback to football in about six weeks - with Port Magpies in the SANFL. Wilson has made a sound recovery from having both...
  6. JuniorBurger

    Carling Cup Quarter Finals

    OMG Watford 3-0 Pompey It's official we suck! :(
  7. JuniorBurger

    POTY Vs Essendon

    Thought I'd better get this started... 5- Kingers- Found myself saying the word "Bombscare" a few times early on but he worked his arse off and would have been close to BOG by the final siren. 4- Ladey- toiled manfully up forward and then spent the rest of the night in the ruck due to...
  8. JuniorBurger

    Rising Star nomination round 11

    Have just seen on the main board that Ebo has received this week's nomination. Has anyone heard anything concrete about it? I thought it was officially announced on Tuesday, but then I could be does happen.......occasionally!:D
  9. JuniorBurger

    Pompey 1 'Pool 0

    Great result tonight altho the ref tried and tried to swing it Liverpool's way it just weren't gonna happen in the end!:D First he gave a penalty for handball when the only hand that touched the ball was Milan Baros', the assistant over-ruled him on that occasion (altho have to give the ref...
  10. JuniorBurger

    Geelong game in Cairns

    Anyone know if this game is too be shown free-to-air or only on Foxtel?? I don't have Fox myself, just curious as whether I have to comandeer my bro's TV for a few hours on Sat or not!:D
  11. JuniorBurger


    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Finally we have made it back to the big time! Party time down at Fratton Park.....for a couple of days anyway then we have to concentrate on the championship! How exhilirating is this feeling??? I love it! Play Up Pompey, Pompey Play Up!!!

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