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    Discussion 2019 General AFL Discussion

    Looks like Buddy will be aiming to play his 300th game against Saints in rd23, should make things a bit more interesting to cap off our season. He played against Saints for his 200th game in 2014, kicked 9 goals for Swans to beat us by 71 points. Hopefully history doesn't repeat itself...
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    Game Day Round 20, 2019: Adelaide v St.Kilda *DUNSTAN'S 100TH*

    McKenzie sitting with the forwards group discussion in the rooms during half time, looks like that's where he'll be staying thankfully
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    Autopsy JLT Community Series - Game 2, 2019: Western Bulldogs v St.Kilda

    Hannebery and Steven are here, having a good long chat with Dal Santo out on the ground
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    Senior Max King - Player Advocate: Keg on legs

    Not sure why so many are calling to give him the number 12 when 23 is available, long live the King!
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    Autopsy St Kilda v GWS Rd 5 2018 - a draw

    Absolutely love Carlisle, he played a great game and is our rock in defense. Only thing I noticed though for a lot of the game was that he seems to take the double-grab quite a lot rather than sticking it on the first touch. Unfortunately came back to bite him at the end but to his credit he...
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    Discussion 2018 Rate My Team (Post JLT)

    Haven't seen too many people with Armo, I know he's had injury issues but seems to be over them and has had a full pre season, played well in both JLT games. Dangerfield's price won't drop enough, I'd rather not have to waste a trade even if he's out for round 1, he'll come out and score 250 in...
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    Autopsy 2018 JLT Series - Game 1: Carlton v St.Kilda

    The addition of Paddy and Armo into the team for a full season is going to be amazing for our finals push. They're the 2 that stood out for me tonight, dunstan had some really nice centre clearance work too.
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    Game Day Round 18: Sydney vs St.Kilda 7:25PM AEST. 2017 PRIDE Game. Rowan Marshall's Debut

    I just don't see the point of Longer. Sure he wins the hitouts, but they're rarely to advantage and he does nothing else? 12 disposals at 50% efficiency when 11 of those were handball, how does that work? Not to mention just 1 uncontested mark, isnt the ruckman supposed to be our get-out option...
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    Game Day Round 18: Sydney vs St.Kilda 7:25PM AEST. 2017 PRIDE Game. Rowan Marshall's Debut

    Out: Lonie, Riewoldt, Montagna, Longer. In: Weller, Membrey, Rice, Hickey.
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    Preview St.Kilda vs Richmond

    Reckon commentators would cream over a Long vs Rioli contest if Long steps up
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    Preview St.Kilda vs Richmond

    Riewoldt retiring this year or next, reminds me of Harvey's retirement in '08 and then we dominated '09. Disappointing to see them just miss out on a grand final appearance, but in the end will be better for the team. Can anyone remember what changes were made between '08 and '09, or was it...
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    List Mgmt. 2017 Trade & FA Targets Part 2

    What's Dunstan's worth? We drafted him for pick 18, could he be the one to go to the Suns? I know he's got family near Cairns.
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    Certified Legendary Thread Nathan Freeman Updates

    He needs to debut this year imo, just 1 game to get a taste of it and to get it out of the way so there's no big build up to it for next year. Wouldn't chuck him in on the Friday night against Essendon, too much spotlight. No to any of the interstate games. No to the Demons game because they're...
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    List Mgmt. 2017 Trade & FA Targets Part 2

    Not sure how much it's been mentioned before, but what are the chances of sending Armitage to QLD? What would his value be if he gets his groin right for a good pre season? He's only just turned 29, would the Suns be interested in sending us one of their second rounders? They've currently got...
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    Preview Round 14: St.Kilda vs Gold Coast - Etihad Stadium (H), Sunday 25 June 2017, 4:40pm AEST

    Is Paddy actually fit though? His injury was 1-2 weeks so it's most likely he's not 100% yet, calm the farm
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    Preview Round 10: Western Bulldogs vs St.Kilda - Etihad Stadium (A), Saturday 27 May 2017, 1:45pm AEST

    Gresh won't get dropped this week, it's indigenous round and his mum designed the guernsey and there was a whole article about being proud he was going to get to represent their people, zero chance he's out. Also in saying this, will Ben Long be a chance to play? We went in with an extra big...
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    Toast Sean Dempster retires.

    Love Dempster, always one of my favourite players, will be sorely missed. I'm looking forward to seeing the Saints banner on Sunday, I expect it to be a farewell to the champ. Hopefully the boys take some inspiration from him and put in the hard yards against the Lions and belt them for 4...
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    Injury Riewoldt Watch

    Only out for a week or 2
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    Teams Team Development (Final Two Weeks)

    I'm feeling pretty set with my current team. I had a heap of remaining cash so I swapped Josh Kelly for Dangerfield after some peer pressure since Kelly is an awkward price. Thoughts? I'm trying to be somewhat conservative.

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