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    Eade's Performance for 2010

    Here's a quick list I have compiled we can use to rate Eade's coaching performance for 2010. The list is by now means complete -so please add additional items you think we can use. What rating (out of 10) would you score Eade on the below items? How would you rate his game day tactical...
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    Eade Q&A - part one

    Eade Q&A - part one --published on Bulldog's website 6 August 2010 By Jennifer Witham "..IN PART part one of our exclusive interview, Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade talks specifically about some of his players; sharing his thoughts on the future of veterans Brad Johnson and Barry Hall..."...
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    Key Dogs need to steer team to a premiership

    By ROBERT WALLS -The Age, May 7, 2010 "...there is one major problem. No one is prepared to sit in the driver's seat when the going gets tough...It's a disappointing start for a team that has as much, if not more, talent than any side in the competition...Their window of opportunity to win a...
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    Development of Jarrad Grant

    Development of Jarrad Grant Sun Herald -by Mark Stevens - April 23, 2010 12:00AM "It was very clear a while ago that Matthew Kreuzer, Trent Cotchin and Cale Morton were going to be three players gone before our pick (No. 5)," Clayton said at the time. "If Jarrad Grant's not the next best...
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    Boyd has surgery to repair broken hand

    Bulldog Matthew Boyd has surgery to repair broken hand -Herald-Sun, Mark Stevens "..Boyd, the reigning best-and-fairest winner, had a plate inserted late today to speed up his recovery. Although the Dogs have not given up hope on Boyd making a late run to play on Friday night against...
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    Shane Crawford tips Dogs for flag

    "..AFL great and Sunday Herald Sun columnist Shane Crawford has tipped the Western Bulldogs to end the AFL's longest drought this season..."
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    Mature-aged rookies pivotal to our premiership hopes!? "AFL rookies plucked from the VFL will soon make their mark in the big league, according to former Fremantle assistant and now Williamstown coach Peter German....German believes it is the beginning...
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    2009 Financial Report

    "..The Western Bulldogs have announced an operating profit for the year ending 31 October 2009 of $820,204. With the inclusion of the Whitten Oval Redevelopment monies, the net profit for 2009 is $3,215,172..."...

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