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  1. Jugada

    2018 Australian Open

    Thought i would start this thread with the tournament kicking off on Monday Ill add any promos to the OP as i find them William Hill: Chase The Ace :thumbsu: Betting.Club: Lose in 5 sets bonus bet refund (up to $50) Bet365: Multi Booster :thumbsdown: Ladbrokes: Extra odds boost on tournament...
  2. Jugada


    Michael Sullivan (Sportingbet) is back it seems More credible Aussie books in the market is only a good thing
  3. Jugada

    Vale Bart Cummings

    Very sad news that the "Cups Kings" passed away last night aged 87 Australia's greatest trainer and a legend of the sport, he will be greatly missed
  4. Jugada

    Tennis Betting

    Just making a thread for the new guy Madrid ATP an WTA on at the moment
  5. Jugada


    Does anyone have any feedback on these guys? I notice they offer very good odds. But when you couple that with being a relatively unknown, small brand book it makes me very cautious to get involved
  6. Jugada

    Crown (Betfair) purchase 67% of BetEasy Not sure what I think of this
  7. Jugada

    Spring Racing

    Just so not to clog up the Melbourne Cup thread
  8. Jugada

    Psychology of Punting

    I was thinking this might be a good topic to get people's thoughts on. How do you deal with the inevitable long run of outs? How often do you tilt? Up your bets to try to get out of a short term hole? Have you bought into the gamblers fallacy of thinking an outcome must be "due"? Dealing with...
  9. Jugada

    Jugada Sports

    Lets see how we go. All sports, probably going to be a bit risky with my staking, no initial goal. Bankroll: $1000 1U = $10
  10. Jugada

    Jugada 2013

    Start again...

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