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    Unofficial Preview Changes? & discussion, Semi-Final v Giants, Saturday September 14th, 7.25pm @ Gabba.

    Agreed - this is where there should have been some sort of rotation of like for like and underperfomring players to a degree - eg Lester, Cutler, Mathieson Walker (who is really stiff tbh) with the likes of McStay, Witherden, Rayner to make sure they all had a feel for the pace of the game at...
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    Unofficial Preview Qualifying Final, Saturday 7th September 2019, 7.25pm. v Tigers @ Gabba.

    I was critical of Rayner in the past but I have to say that he looked like he has/will raise his game to another level in big games at a Cauldron like MCG. It's a shame though that we didn't get games into Cutler - he would have been great out there on the wing to allow McCluggage to be on...
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    Unofficial Preview Qualifying Final, Saturday 7th September 2019, 7.25pm. v Tigers @ Gabba.

    Walker is not quick enough to keep up with Riewoldt is he - so he will have to go forward? Thought Adams did a serviceable job under trying circumstances (ie impeccable delivery especially in that first quarter)
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    Review Round 23, 2019 - Richmond vs. Brisbane Lions

    This is what worries me too. The way they stopped our run in the third quarter probably gives them more of a blueprint than a lot of things we might have learnt from the game. Also Nankervis in for them, probably cancels out Christenson in for us (Agree unfair to judge Cox in his first game...
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 19

    Ah fair enough, thanks!
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 19

    Ok thanks - just to confirm the GC+46.5 no longer exists at B365? All I can see is +32.5
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 19

    Ah, I see - of course! Thank you - cheers! EDIT: Bummer - B365 have closed the line now, GC +32.5 now - guess this one is done?
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 19

    Newbie here - but how do you actually make money off such a deal? Do you back Collingwood at Sportsbet and Suns at Bet365 both on the line? That’s not profitable is it? Or do you do the above and then load up with in game live betting as the game evolves?
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    World Cup Final New Zealand v England Sunday July 14 @ Lords

    Let's not forget that in that 1999 Semi Final - McGrath bowled a no-ball that was pulled for 4 by Gary Kirsten I think but the no-ball was missed by the umpire (and only seen on the replay). Therefore that delivery should have been 5 runs instead of the 4 that was recorded. Therefore South...
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    Beams out for 3 months

    Why Pick 34? I thought it was a first round draft pick? EDIT: Nevermind, I misread.
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    Preview Round 10, 2019 - Fremantle vs. Brisbane Lions

    Fair enough. Rayner is younger too. But Rayner is clearly underperforming at HFF. Why not give someone else an opportunity? Cutler certainly has talent and the tools to flourish in that position - so why not give him an opportunity? If he goes at the end of the year - having spent most of...
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    Preview Round 10, 2019 - Fremantle vs. Brisbane Lions

    would you apply the same principle / philosophy to Rayner?
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    News Getting aroun cm and hs pay walls

    Ok team, here is how to do it - and this method is perfectly legitimate. - First google the article and right click and copy the link to the new article of interest -Then go to, paste the link in the text box where it says "shorten your link" and click Shorten -This should display...
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    Opinion Chances of the Lions getting another opportunity to play at Mars Stadium

    I agree. It was great to see Hugh McCluggage and Jarrod Berry play at their old stomping ground where they played for North Ballarat before getting drafted. Both obviously fantastic players but also just upstanding young blokes that grew up in the country and played tough, hard footy. It would...
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    Preview Round 10, 2019 - Fremantle vs. Brisbane Lions

    If that is the line of thinking - then that is flawed IMO. Especially the way the game is played these days. The only positions that players should have a designated role should be the ones where there is a physical size requirement - e.g Ruckmen, CHF/CHB, FF/FB Every other position - the Half...
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    The yips - and how to fix it?

    We all know that Hipwood, Cameron and McStay have the yips at present and it can be a momentum killer - essentially no reward for effort. Not to mention that against the better teams, we have been slaughtered on the rebound resulting in a 2 goal turn around on the score board. Does anyone else...
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    Changes v Crows?

    What has happened to Cox? He comes from the same crop as McCluggage and Berry (Ballarat) and made so many sacrifices/worked so hard to work his way through the junior ranks. He looked composed and poised enough in his early games - what has happened? Not working hard enough or not enough...
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    Brisbane Lions 2019 premiership contenders?

    Next ski trip in September?
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    Brisbane Lions 2019 premiership contenders?

    When are you off to the snow?
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    Game Day AFL Round 5 - Matchday Discussion Collingwood@Brisbane(Gabba – 7:35PM)

    who is the chap sitting next to Buckley in the coaches box?

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