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  1. dirty2

    The AFL's top 10 worst coaches

    Ken hinkley?
  2. dirty2

    Unsafe work

    Gday peoples... I've always worked in relative professional work places where safety is important... but my last job (I quit) safety wasn't the 1st 2nd or 3rd priority. First off I'm a cellar hand (which isn't dangerous normally) but we do climb into tanks (confined spaces) and the boss did a...
  3. dirty2

    fu** off ricciuto

    It's about time this campaigner stop commentating on our games... the piece of shit jizzed in his pants when Houston and Dixon got injured...
  4. dirty2


    Got little thread going in lifestyle... if ya interested in getting away from the blacktop have a look... nothing exciting.. but 4x4/camping is a popular hobbie.. get into it.
  5. dirty2

    Port adelaide supporters

    A little introduction on the people behind the user names... I'm dirty2 I will have a shower in a minute but. I'm 37 years old... I was a Fitzroy supporter b4 port adelaide joined the afl.... (was always port adelaide magpies fan) which was a bitter sweet moment.. Outside of port adelaide my...
  6. dirty2


    Ok... love my camping/4wdriving. Live in good old south Australia.. Haven't fentured to far (unfortunately) up the river and southern part of the flinders.. Besides the obvious cape York, Kimberleys ect ect... would love to pack up my baby fill her up with diesel and fu** off lol Bit...
  7. dirty2

    Idea Dedicated camping/4wdriving forum

    Unless I'm blind carnt really find anything... but a dedicated forum on all things camping ect would interest myself and with the rising popularity alot of other people's to.
  8. dirty2

    PC Guild 3

    Interested in trying it out.... what are peoples opinions at the moment?
  9. dirty2

    Players we wished we drafted but glad we didn't

    Ok I'll start off with 2 players... Aaron fiora thought he showed alot of talent at port adelaide magpies. And bloody vickery yes I wanted him.... Bloody glad we diddnt...
  10. dirty2

    G'day peoples

    Hey I'm nick live just outside the barossa 36 years old.. Big port adelaide supporter since 1990 when I was 9 years old and was watching port v glenelg sanfl gf and decided I liked ports guernseys better and been a avid port supporter since ;) Was a fitzroy supporter b4 the merger with...

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