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  1. scotty13

    Do we utilise the Magpies enough?

    Just wondering if we as a club have the correct formula with how we utilise the Magpies as our 'reserve' team. Im not sure how other AFL clubs manage their reserves, but surely our record shows we are doing something wrong. 2019 A.R. McLean medallist - J. Trengove - Delisted in 2019. 2018 A.R...
  2. scotty13

    Shield Stats

    I may be blind, but Im looking for a page that has the stats for the 18/19 shield season. Looked on, espn cricket and crick buzz but can't find anything. They have stats for the 17/18 season but not this one. If anyone knows where can find it please let me know. Cheers :)
  3. scotty13

    Welcome Welcome to Port Adelaide Jack Trengove

    Out with one, in with another
  4. scotty13

    If you had a choice

    With the current form of the Crows being up and beyond that of the Cats, there are in my opinion 2 possibilities than can happen with the Dangerfield scenario. My parents (both crows supporters) have argued about this and Im curious what the wider fan base thoughts are on it. If, Crows form...
  5. scotty13

    Play North in a Prelim - May as well give up

    Playing North Melbourne is a Prelim is basically a death sentence, and as a side you may as well just give up. This year Syd had to play North in the Prelim, won that game by 71pts then the following week lost the GF by 63pts. In 2007 Port were the unlucky ones to play North in the Prelim...
  6. scotty13

    Unofficial Preview The run home v the others

    We have finished the awful part of the season with only 6games a week due to the byes, so I thought now I would have a look at our run home v the run home of other potential top 4 sides. I have used a similar ranking system to what they use at the start of year to work out draw difficulty, and...
  7. scotty13

    Strategy Bye weekend boredom?

    Next weekend is the bye weekend for us :( Will try to get down to Alberton to watch the mighty maggies, but will be a boring weekend otherwise. Whats everyones plans, and anyone know what the players are up to on their days off. I hear Boaky is heading back to Geelong to do a bit of surfing. I...
  8. scotty13

    Toast 1834 Joins the Power

    We have just got another corporate sponsor on board with 1834 hotels :) Another good job done by the club :hearts::hearts:
  9. scotty13

    Club History 2014 Milestone Games

    Couldn't see anything on here already about this, but was amazed how many of our players are potentially having milestone games this year (seems more than other years) Kane Cornes: Every week he plays is a milestone for most AFL games played for PAFC :) Westhoff: 150 games (10 games to go)...
  10. scotty13

    Who's better at the same age

    Taking inspiration from the Pendlebury v MacRae thread Id pose the question. At 39yrs and 239 days, who was the better player? Syd Barker Snr Jack Leith or Vic Cumberland. Its hard to know for myself as I didn't get to see any of these players play in the flesh, but given Barker Snr and Leith...
  11. scotty13

    Most games at a given ground

    Hi all I was looking at the new Adelaide Oval with an Ollie Wines interview, and was thinking to myself, given he is 19, by the time he retires he could have the record for most AFL games played at AO. SO it got me thinking. Does anyone have the stats at who has played to most games at each of...
  12. scotty13

    Powerful Thunderbirds

    I guess this is the area to put it, Congrats to Adelaide Thunderbirds on their league record 16 straight wins in the ANZ Champs. After winning last seasons comp, they have come out all guns blazing. Always like seeing the girls run around... just wish they still had the PAFC logo on the front...
  13. scotty13

    Aldi Mobile

    Figured Id post it here, cause what Aldi is doing is criminal. Now changing their $35, 2500min 2500sms, 2.5gb plan, to half that. When it used to be $30 for unlimited calls, sms and 5gb data. Absolute criminal and sooo bloody frustrating and annoying!
  14. scotty13

    Society & Culture Starpharma lifts on condom approval This is interesting... Gives a good reason to have sex with strangers if you ask me :) Not sure how it kills HIV though... I didnt think there was a cure for HIV yet?
  15. scotty13

    Opinion Greatest Indigenous Team

    In 2005, the AFL released the Indigenous Team of the Century. 10 years have past from then, and there are certainly some players who deserve to be looked at inclusions for the team. The 2005 team is as follows: B:Chris Johnson Darryl White Bill Dempsey HB:Gavin Wanganeen Adam Goodes Norm...
  16. scotty13

    Bill Dempsey

    Anyone in Darwin or connected with the Buffs know how many games Dempsey played in the NTFL. Only information I can find is he played 343 games for West Perth, although he played 2 seasons for the Buffs before leaving, and a few articles have said he often returned in the WAFL off season to play...
  17. scotty13

    How different we could have looked

    I though looking back from the 2000 AFL draft, we had a few very bad years of drafting and it potentially has cost us. Looking back at the draft using hindsight, I thought who could we have drafted. I have only used other players drafter within 5 picks of our own selection. I have just included...
  18. scotty13

    Exciting final 2 rounds

    WOW... what an exciting final 2 rounds of the Shield we have coming up. With the Redbacks loosing to QLD and only getting 1st innings points against the Vics, and NSW loosing to WA, it leaves both WA and SA on 26pts and NSW on 24pts. This week SA play NSW at Adelaide Oval and WA play Qld at the...
  19. scotty13

    Holmes first 100goal kicker

    Abbey Holmes has become the first female AFL player to kick 100 goals in a season. She plays for Waratahs in the Darwin competition. Im a little torn about this. She plays for the side I barrack for in the NTFL (mens) but kicked her 100th goal against the club I played for when I lived in...
  20. scotty13

    Live scores across the board.

    Does anyone know of a program where you get live scores from all sports playing at that point in time, and you get to select the ones you want to keep an eye on. For example... Fri night might want to know the scores for the AFL, NRL, A-League, Tennis and Cricket but dont want to have to go to...

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