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  1. Crowbots are dead

    Reset and forget

    How many more games do we need to loose before the club realises that we need to let go of the past? Let’s start playing youth every game .
  2. Crowbots are dead

    Toast Hartigan love your work

    Sick of reading that other embarrassingly titled thread. Kyle is an important part of our backline. He is best 22.
  3. Crowbots are dead

    Nut job for hair loss? Does it work?

    I see the ads for nut job on big footy from time to time and wondered if anyone has given it a go? my hair is gradually thinning so I thought it might be good for this. I understand that it's not permanent but wondered how real it looks.
  4. Crowbots are dead

    Pick 43- Draft 2016

    I thought it would be good to have a thread on our second pick. I'm really keen to know from the experts on bf who you think might be available around this pick and the type of player we might target. I would be thinking that we will go a midfielder given our lack of depth but have no idea of...

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