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  1. bumsonseats

    Who is your current favourite Hawthorn player - 2018 edition

    Pretty simple - who is your favourite current Hawthorn player and why. I would do a poll, but I doubt I could list all of our players, and since I am an inclusive kinda guy, I dont want anyone to feel left out. I will tally up the votes in a week or so and post a progress score. No 3-2-1's -...
  2. bumsonseats

    Club Focus Carlton - What do Carlton do with the number 1 pick?

    Disclaimer: Mods - Please feel free to move to the drafts/trading board. I went with the main board to prompt more general discussion. Secondly, the intent of the thread is more of a strategic nature - Is not intended to be for suggesting wildly hypothetical, complex multi-party trades that...
  3. bumsonseats

    Will Sutherland chooses cricket over football

    Reported on that top 10 draft prospect Will Sutherland has chosen cricket over footy. With the average state cricketer set to earn more than 300K...
  4. bumsonseats

    Is it time to ditch the draft ?

    I have been thinking about this for some time, and recognise there are many pro's and con's, but is it time to ditch the draft. The AFL draft is compromised by Academy picks and Free Agency compo. Free Agency (apparently) favours the more successful clubs We have 2nd and 3rd year players...
  5. bumsonseats

    Preview 2nd qualifying final 2016: Geelong v Hawthorn, 9 September 2016, 7.50pm @ MCG

    sorry....I couldn't help myself
  6. bumsonseats

    Luke Hodge boo'd all night.....oh hang on

    Title says it all
  7. bumsonseats

    Spangher Drinking Game

    The Norm Smith Medalist (Elect) challenges you to drink up!
  8. bumsonseats

    Review Round 9, 2014 - Box Hill Hawks v North Ballarat Roosters, 7 June 2014, 2.00pm @ BHCO

    The thread for next weeks BH game isn't up yet, so have to post here. I am coming to Melbourne next weekend and planning on getting to the BH game against Nth Ballarat. Anyone else planning on going to the BH game next week. Wouldn't mind catching a few of the other BF guys there
  9. bumsonseats

    I won't be watching Friday Night football this week

    In light of the AFL decision tribunal decision to suspend Jack Vineyard and the backlash by current and former players, and here on is time to act. We can all jump up and down and punch our computer screens all we like, but if nothing comes of it that affects the AFLs bottom line...
  10. bumsonseats

    Nightmare Essendon draw for 2014

    With battle lines drawn between the AFL and Essendon, and the hope of a mediated solution looking more and more unlikely, how will the AFL use its power to score a few points on the Bombers over and above what might or might not play out in the court room. I know it was almost universally...
  11. bumsonseats

    Willo's first and last phanton draft

    I cant say that I have the opportunity to watch the kids coming through this years draft, so I am basing my phantom on the descriptions provided by Knightmare (with his permission of course) and what I think each clubs strategy will be at this years draft. So to start with, I thought I would...
  12. bumsonseats

    List Mgmt. Who stays.....who goes

    It is getting to the business end of the season, and Hawthorn are well positioned to go deep into September once again. But as the season draws to the end, some tough decisions will need to be made as to which players get the chop, and which players might retire. Keeping in mind we have to have...
  13. bumsonseats

    List Mgmt. Contract Status

    This thread is intended to summarise the contract status of the Hawthorn list and be a one stop shop for all contract information, including a link to the source article(s). I know that the contracts for some of the players that I have not provided any information for expire at the end of 2013...
  14. bumsonseats

    Congratulations Umpires

    This thread could probably go in the Umpiring section, but no one really looks there and I thought this might be more worthy of the main board for greater coverage. I have quoted Deluge99 post on a the same topic from the Umpires board. I am sure if the mods dont like it they will move it...
  15. bumsonseats

    Buddy's Haircut

    Doesnt really warrant a thread all of its own, but what the heck.... What is going on with Buddy's haircut........looks like someone got the bowl out. Sort of looks a bit like Tommy Hawkins with the flowing locks atop
  16. bumsonseats

    What do we need from the draft

    Now that the silly season has finally completed, we have seen 6 players depart and 3 come in. Barring any further delistings, or any FA pickups prior to the draft that gives us 3 live picks in the draft. At the moment we have picks: 29, 68, 72, 84 etc......... What type of player should we...
  17. bumsonseats


    Is this one of the most awkward biggest loads of politically correct flog you have ever seen. West Coast player Ashton Hams talking about keeping his spot in the side when the likes of Embley, LeCras and Nicoski return from injury: "My role is just doing the team things as well, all the...
  18. bumsonseats

    If you were the Hawthorn Recruiting Manager........

    If you were the Hawthorn recruiting manager, what sort of player would you target in the draft. Lets assume that we are fortunate enough to get Tom Curran with a 2nd round pick, what would you want with the first round. Also assume that we are using the pick in the draft......not trading it or...
  19. bumsonseats

    Support our boys this week

    The last 5 weeks have been promising, but with a tough month coming up it will all count for very little if we can knock of the scum this week. A good win this week against that lot will put us ahead of the ledger, and set us up for the month to follow. Get down to training this week if you...
  20. bumsonseats

    Injured player status updates

    Where is Clinton Young at at the moment. There was talk on these boards around about trade week that he might have a career ending injury, but havent heard any more news. Does anyone know where he is at.....? Is he back in some sort of training Are there any other players that wont be ready...

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