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    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Thread - Part I

    Well it seems like an hour ago that the 2019 trade period finished, but it was actually only 45 minutes. 2020 looks to be a HUGE year with quality free agents galore who will be fighting amongst themselves to get to the destination club that is St Kilda. Give me a Whitfield please!(His...
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    A Section Premier Division 2020

    Welcome back Old Scotch and Caulfield Grammarians, good luck to De La Salle and Old Carey. Are the Brendon Goddard led CG they the new Old Brighton? Is this the year OM's finally make the jiump into the top 4? Let's have some fun Big Footy people!
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    List Mgmt. 2019 Trade Thread

    On the back of a super 2018 trade and draft period, it’s never too early to look ahead! Finally we have some genuinely talented father sons coming through as well as Biggy Nyuon as a next generation selection. Milne, Voss and Peckett’s eldest are also ones to keep an eye on, whilst the draft...

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