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    2020 AFL fixture released

    So almost half the fixture is against doubles against same team (Eagles, Suns, St Kilda, Bulldogs and Melbourne)? Is that unusually high? The rest of the games are going to be bloody hard with the finals contenders in the Bombers, Port, Cats, Lions, Collingwood. And the god damn Grand Finalists...
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    Rumour Best football related rumour you have heard from someone you trust

    I really liked Jim, But when I saw this I was incredibly disappointed with him. I understand that he wouldn't have been 100% responsible or the one calling the shots on this, but he would have had the power to stop it if he cared enough. And in a time when fake news is rampant, people need to...
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    Scandal Eddie Slams Internet Rumours About Gay Players

    I think Eddie get unfairly targeted by the media from rumours to gossips and whatnot no matter how anyone feels, I don't think anyone can argue with the point that Eddie loves his club as much as any fan anywhere his country does
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    What martial arts have you guys done?

    Boxing, took up some Wrestling/MMA alongside with it.
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    MMA-UFC UFC 244 : Diaz v Masvidal

    I love the fight but honestly I want to see Leon get the fight against Jorge. Realistically after that callout, I see Diaz vs Jorge and maybe Leon vs Tyron. If Leon wins he’ll get the title shot. If Tyron wins, and Colby beats Usman, I think Tyron gets the next shot
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    MMA-UFC UFC 243 - October 6

    Well goddamn it boys. The reaper has fallen. I thought he was doing well but I could have just been hyped up because he was so active.

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