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    Preview Changes for the Elimination Final vs Essendon

    Out: barrass, petch, Waterman IN: schoey, nic, anyone else other than petch

    Opinion If we were to make this years Grand Final, who would be the preferred opposition?

    I read an SEN article stating that nick rievolt has tipped GWS to win the flag. Basing his opinion that they have this newfound determination and hard edge. I instantly thought that the Eagles have no fears playing GWS and have the edge over them, id be confident of victory over them in grand...

    Roast Eat a Bag of D**ks Thread

    Prictorian biased media - Eat A Bag Of Dicks Tony Jones - Eat A Bag Of Dicks and Go fu** Yourself Knobert Walls - Eat A Bag Of Dicks and Go fu** Yourself Freo feral supporters who whinge about our successes - Eat A Bag Of Dicks Port Bogans - Eat A Bag Of Dicks Commenators and journos who...

    Opinion The Single Most Thing I Hate About The Grand Final

    That its only televised on channel 7. So we have to put up with. Shithouse 'HD' channel 7 broadcast. Ad breaks after every single f*n goal. Waiting for the day the GF will be broadcasted live on foxtel.

    Preview Changes for The Prelim

    Im popping my thread creation cherry. With shep going down who replaces him? A handfull come into mind in Scofield, O Allen and Nelson.

    Deledio of half back flank

    Hey Guys, Being from WA i dont see many richmond matches but it was pretty obvious that brett deledio was playing off the half back flank against fremantle, and gary lion stated on footy classified that he has played that role for a few matches now. can anyone confirm this as he is in one of...

    EFH on "cooling off" period

    i got back from the gym and i was hoping to check out EFH but everyone has been suspended due to some "sniping" between a few posters. just wondering what happened

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