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  1. Lockyer24

    Don't want, (or need) to start a new thread - still want to post it though

    The 2002 GF side was my proudest moment barracking for the Pies. We came within 9 or so points of winning a flag, with Bucks, a few warriors in Rocca Licuria and Burns and mainly just journeymen, role players and kids. Credit goes to Malthouse mostly. We had come from being shit for many years...
  2. Lockyer24

    Game Day AFL Round 1 - Matchday Discussion Collingwood@Western Bulldogs(Marvel Stadium - 7:50PM)

    The maggots ignoring every rule in the book all of a sudden, usual poor doggies umpiring
  3. Lockyer24

    Science/Environment Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Pandemic Declared

    Another crisis, another opportunity for lefties to make campaigners of themselves on social media May not win another election, ever
  4. Lockyer24

    Casefile podcasts

    Silk Road was good Port Arthur was the most harrowing
  5. Lockyer24

    Jumper clash fails

    Easiest job in the world if AFL takes control on every match. But there will be a botch job and it will be early
  6. Lockyer24

    Anzac Day

    Just got a member upgrade ticket for $10. Seems cheap??? Richmond game is $33 to upgrade.
  7. Lockyer24

    2020 AFLW R3 vs Freo (Sat 22 Feb 7.10pm @ Fremantle Oval) - not today, Coll 4.6 30 - Them 5.3 33

    Decent effort, too many errors though and biased umpiring to Freo.
  8. Lockyer24


    An absolutely painful campaigner, like most lefties these days
  9. Lockyer24

    2020 AFLW R2 vs Carl (Sun 16 Feb 3.10pm @ Princess Park) 2 from 2 !! Coll 6.3 36 Carl 3.6 24

    Fast handball chains through the middle is the key to scoring in this game. It’s no different to men’s
  10. Lockyer24

    2020 AFLW R2 vs Carl (Sun 16 Feb 3.10pm @ Princess Park) 2 from 2 !! Coll 6.3 36 Carl 3.6 24

    Was optimistic about this season, this is the best I’ve seen us play at the minute...keep it up
  11. Lockyer24

    Don't want, (or need) to start a new thread - still want to post it though

    I prefer the sushi from Woolies upstairs. It’s premium stuff there
  12. Lockyer24

    How Long Can We Stay with Holden?

    The problem with big companies or footy clubs playing the woke or political angle, is they become a laughing stock if they are inconsistent and choose money over ethics. The NBA and China was a good recent example. You also have sponsorship from drug and alcohol and betting companies which some...
  13. Lockyer24

    TV The Netflix Thread

    I’m not a reality TV guy but I started The Circle last night, and binged 5 episodes straight. Is anyone as pathetic as me
  14. Lockyer24

    TV The Outsider

    It’s been good so far but I fear this is where these King type stories drop off a cliff
  15. Lockyer24

    L24 Bet Tracker

    Rosehill R3 Switched 10 units win @ 3.5 Rosehill R4 Stella Sei Sun 20 units win @ STAB Rosehill R5 Dio D'Oro 30 units win @ STAB Rosehill R7 Broken Arrows 10 units win/River Bird 10 units win STAB Rosehill R8 Mr Dependable 40 units win STAB Could be the end of this sorry tale if the bank is a...
  16. Lockyer24

    L24 Bet Tracker

    Bank 806 (-194) Flem R2 Red Heeler 40 units win @ 2.70 - 9.0 deductions if wins Flem R3 Banquo 40 units win @ 3.60 - 2.0 deductions if wins Flem R3 Alabama Express 15 units win @ 6 - 2.0 deductions if wins Flem R1 Greatness Awaits 10 units win, Chosen Blonde 10 units win, Amateurish 5 units...
  17. Lockyer24

    L24 Bet Tracker

    Bank 861 (-139) Pakenham R4 Lesmurdie 40 units win @ 4.60 R7 Black Bliss 15 units win @ 4.80
  18. Lockyer24

    L24 Bet Tracker

    Bank 881 (-119) WFARM R3 7 Parche 20 units win STAB Will fire up some for Saturday and hopefully get back to you even [emoji3061]
  19. Lockyer24

    Player Watch Travis Varcoe

    He shouldn’t even have been on the list this year
  20. Lockyer24

    Training Apples' & Jen's Training Thread 2019/2020

    Callum looks to have beefed up and could be a little wrecking ball now

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