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  1. Pera

    Backline Woes

    Could we seriously have the worst collection of backs in the competition? There is absolutely no drive or attacking mindset from any of them and when they are actually called on to defend, we concede some of the easiet goals youre ever likely to see. We had a backline today of Sinclair, Toovey...
  2. Pera

    Roast The bounce

    F**k this oval ball bullshit. Cost us the game :p Despite hating it today, it's why our sport is unpredictable and beautiful. Damn bounce!
  3. Pera

    Roast Mitch Browns injury

    For people not at the game, Mitch Browns injury was shown on the big screen during the 2nd quarter. It was closely followed by vision of Nath looking at the scoreboard. Im sure Nathan is very close to his brother and the Brisbane ground crew using that as gameday mind games is utterly...
  4. Pera

    Strategy Proposed positional changes for 2015

    Plenty of proposed personnel changes and prediction threads on the board at the moment, but maybe it's time we focus on the current crop we have at our disposal. There are a few positional changes I think could work next year, based on glimpses in 2014 or otherwise. Marley Williams (forward) -...
  5. Pera

    Injury The most disastrous night in our history?

    Can't think of too much worse. Elliott, Pendles, Reid, Beams, Cloke. Swan on one leg. Where are we going to find players for next week?
  6. Pera

    Opinion Grundy or Witts?

    It's obvious one is going to miss out when Reid comes in and White plays the third tall/second ruck roll. Who do we take in preparation for September? I might be in the minority but I'm going Witts. The soft hands with his taps can be damaging and he crunches contests at ground level. Think he...
  7. Pera

    Toast Goldy

    Down two key position backmen and I thought he was superb on Kennedy for the majority of the second half. Kennedy was probably the one who could have cracked the game wide open but Goldy proved he is one of our best swingman on our list. Top stuff!
  8. Pera

    The Maxwell/Fasolo incident - Thoughts?

    Couldnt get to the game but for those who saw it, good leadership or too far? A swinging arm into the chest was poor form IMO and if a player from my local club did that, id be inclined to give him a spray. Now Fas may have been unaccountable from Maxy's eyes at times (didnt catch the 1st...
  9. Pera

    A Player Strike?

    Has it happened before? Is it a viable option with the ever increasing frustration from players/commentators/supporters with the MRP, rules of the game and other certain issues? Mark Ricciuto seems to think the players should go the drastic route of a strike this weekend in light of Jack...
  10. Pera

    Opinion Is Bucks missing a trick with the sub selection?

    I like Bucks and am definitely looking at the brighter side of tonight. We lost to a top 4 contender by a couple of goals and couldve pinched the four points. But geez, the face palms seem to be occuring before the ball is even being bounced. I casually took my seat in P21 and was shocked to...
  11. Pera

    Toast Frosty

    Won every 1 on 1 against the most dangerous forward in the comp. Superb.
  12. Pera

    Warner queries South Africa swing

    Thought it was coming. Some just cant seem to handle a loss. And David, I know you're in a rare good patch (and you probably shouldn't be if we could catch), but please, on behalf of the neutral fraternity, just shut up. I know you all have this 'aggressive' crap sprouting from the mouths of...
  13. Pera

    Opinion Clinton Young and the run home

    Is due back in the VFL this weekend. Where do people see his position in the next couple of weeks? I think he is still imperative to our chances this year, as his drive, run and carry can be a lethal weapon in September. Was starting to hit some form in the Adelaide game until he cruelly...
  14. Pera

    We are closing in!

    A 6 goal loss. Looks bad, could've been worse, could've been better. But we aren't that far away from the best. And the best is Hawthorn. Not sure if there is a stat, solely based on efficiency but the Hawks are just that. Efficient in movement, skills and hardness but always beatable. They are...
  15. Pera

    Sign JT to a 5 year deal now!

    Going somewhat early. This kid is a jet. Quick, hard and such delightful skills. Dunno if he signed a deal recently but give him a long term contract now! Will be a Collingwood midfielder for a long time! :thumbsu:
  16. Pera

    The loose man continues to kill us. Where is the one on one football?

    Week, after week, after week. Lose man floats around, we bomb long, they rebound too easily. When is it going to change? On the contrary, we see Maxwell have absolutely no effect as the 3rd man up and we find no avenues to goal from defence. Why was the Carlton game this year our best...
  17. Pera

    The Ashes 2013

    Tips? Most wickets? Most runs? Im going England 3-1 but I honestly wouldnt be surprised if our boys really gave it a shake this series. The Poms have done their homework and are preparing some dry, slow wickets. They know their only threat is our bowling attack, which can destroy any XI on its...
  18. Pera

    The 'Why?' Thread

    Why on earth did we allow Sydney to play a loose man in defence? Why would we let our loose man go to the stoppage which leaves us one on one forward of the stoppage, defeating the whole purpose of the tactic? A: We were getting beaten EASILY at the clearances, and weren't given an ounce of...
  19. Pera

    Toast The Backline

    Week, after week, after week, mountains and mountains of pressure is on our backline. Why on earth the ball is coming in so clean is beyond me. Watching the game with no audio last night was awful but it looked like we had 12 players on the field at times and our backline kept us in it during...
  20. Pera

    Movie 'The Inbetweeners' Sequel

    News is a script has been written and all four of the lads have been signed on. Loved the TV series, and Jay, Simon, Neil and Will, travelling around Australia should be awesome cinema.

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