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    Best and Fairest 2014

    I'm considering going to the B&F this year, do any of you guys go or have been in the past, what's it like? I've never been to any club event like this. Cheers.

    MFC to be investigated?

    Um did Andrew Demitriou just say the integrity unit is now going to commence investigations on MFC involvement in using supplements, I presume Trengove at the forefront? What does this mean, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :confused:

    Autopsy The 5 Stages of Grief

    I think we've now gone through the 5 stages of grief: Denial: 2011 - If we get rid of Bailey and get a new coach everything is going to be ok. We did not just waste the last 4 years rebuilding. Anger: 2012 - Ok Neeld isn’t getting instant results, actually we are going backwards. Time to...

    Clark, Dawes and Sellar in the same forward line?

    Clark is our best forward and Dawes was recruited specifically to play 100% of the time as a forward and will do so, but now Sellar has been playing well and consistently kicking goals over the pre-season as a permanent forward. Usually he would be given another opportunity in the season...

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