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  1. Kanga Glory

    First thoughts when mentioning a players name

    On SEN this morning that had a segment, first thought when mentioning a players name. Example - Malcolm Blight - 80m Torpedo at princess park. Put a name down and first thought
  2. Kanga Glory

    calling up radio statios

    having a beer with my brother yesterday, he knows im one eyed North, he asked if i had ever rang up radio stations after a game . There was a game when the famous Sam power was playing, it was against Carlton at Etihad , north were making a late charge and had all the momentum. Every time...
  3. Kanga Glory

    The protected species

    couldn't find a open thread for this. Watching tonight's game between Adelaide v cats..... Selwood and Dangerfield every time they go to the footy they get a free. Even Cameron ling said they are not there. It's actually starting to annoy me especially Selwood who snipes players in one on ones...
  4. Kanga Glory

    New 10 meter clear zone

    Which players do you think it will help ? I think Harvey (able to sell more candy) and Thomas when on tight angles
  5. Kanga Glory

    North Melbourne day on SEN Wednesday 17th Feb

    Tomorrow (Wednesday ) 17th is North Melbourne day on 1116 SEN . Sure to be a lot of North Melbourne interviews
  6. Kanga Glory

    Meeting players in the street

    Meet Shaun Atley today (Thursday 16th April) and must say he is a really humble guy. A lot bigger than I thought and seems confident North will be a good team this year. like to hear from others North fanatics who have meet the current players outside of Arden street
  7. Kanga Glory

    Leigh Tudor returning to Melb

    Heard on 3aw that Leigh Tudor (assistant coach swans) is returning to Melbourne. Brad should chase him hard. Has been at Geelong, St Kilda and Swans when all had success. Would be a sensational pickup and also a gun bloke

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