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  1. bigpapagman

    Review Has anyone else noticed that they don't care about the trade period or the draft?

    For the first time ever, I literally do not care who we take in the draft, or even what number picks we have. I don't care what other clubs are doing, I don't care what happens to Slopjaw Daniher, McDougall Howard or Paddy Ryder. None of it affects us, and it's a fantastic feeling. fu**in...
  2. bigpapagman

    Racing The Golden Eagle 2019

    This is a race that shapes as a bloody interesting contest, providing the correct participants head there. There's a raft of dynamic and versatile horses that fall into the 4 year old category next year; Sprinters, Milers, Classics horses that will drop back in distance and have a crack. I'm not...
  3. bigpapagman

    Racing Channel 10 to take over Melbourne Cup week from 2019 Interesting. I work for the WIN Network, being the regional arm of Channel 10 and today was literally the first day we heard of this. Anyone care to speculate who's going to be fronting it...
  4. bigpapagman

    Toast Dustin Martin and the direct correlation between 30 disposals and victory

    Dustin Martin, 2017, Regular season. 30 disposals or more: 14 games: 13 wins, 1 loss. (35 Brownlow Votes) 29 disposals or less: 8 games: 2 wins, 6 losses. (1 Brownlow Vote) Interesting stat. Dustin Martin, 2017, Finals. 30 disposals or more: 0 games. 29 disposals or less: 3 games: 3 wins, 0...
  5. bigpapagman

    Racing Sportsbet offering $1.50 on Winx in the Warwick.

    Boosted of course, Max bet of $1000, if you're not promo banned.
  6. bigpapagman

    Racing The 'Bool, May 2017

    Why was there no thread about this previously? Anyway, I'll just be place multi-ing Weir runners each day, and assume I'll be drinking beer at the end of it.
  7. bigpapagman

    Strategy I KNOW WHAT IT IS! I know what is wrong with us.

    2012: Do not play finals 2013: Play finals 2014: Play finals 2015: Play finals 2016: Do not play finals 2012: Ricky Petterd is not on the list 2013: Ricky Petterd is on the list 2014: Ricky Petterd is on the list 2015: Ricky Petterd is on the list 2016: Ricky Petterd is not on the list Now I'm...
  8. bigpapagman

    Competitions Corporate Box Tickets vs. Collingwood.

    Hey Gang!!! Hypothetically speaking, if a certain poster (me) had accidentally gotten shitfaced at a cricket fundraiser for Motor Neurone and bought 6x Corporate Box tickets for the Collingwood game, and is trying to offload 3 of the said tickets, would there be any outside chance that there...
  9. bigpapagman

    Roast Worst game you have ever been present at.

    In comparison to the best moments we all reminisce about, what is the worst game you've been at, endured, and stayed for the entirety of? Could be for any reason, or any number of reasons. These is my one. 2006 - Rd 1 vs. Western...
  10. bigpapagman

    Scape Goat Kane Cornes to retire after playing 300th game against Richmond in Rd. 8

    OMG. Just to make sure Port get up for this one and run themselves back into form. I honestly don't know why we bother.
  11. bigpapagman

    Scape Goat He tries his best, but Shane Tuck's critical errors.

    Please discuss.
  12. bigpapagman

    News Dustin Martin contract discussions

    Sold a car to a bloke who does some outside accountancy/legal/contract work for Richmond and Collingwood, and he said, and I quote "Martin has re-signed, it's currently under wraps, and Richmond will release this information the week before the finals." How much? "Between 1.2 and 1.4" So...
  13. bigpapagman

    Roast Whenever we lose, we make average key forwards look like superstars.

    Jesse White, Robbie Tarrant and Aaron Black are not great footballers, so why must they look like world beaters when they play against us? Should Griff have played?
  14. bigpapagman

    Player X running through the centre of the ground, takes 3 bounces, lines up from 50..........

    Who do you want holding the ball? Mitch Duncan or Brett Deledio for me.
  15. bigpapagman

    Current Crimes you wish to commit.

    Self explanatory. Pillaging.
  16. bigpapagman

    What the hell is the WWE doing with Ryback?

    Are they going to pop him eventually, or just keep letting him monster 12 year olds. Want to see him in a legit match with someone decent. Same with Brodus, although he'sn a gradual incline, taking the 'kids on stage' angle. Ryback will main event at seem point this year, along with lord tensai...
  17. bigpapagman

    2012's Scapegoat.

    Who cops it this year when the chips are down? Fan favourite Jake King? The out of proportion Matty White? Or Dusty, for not picking up 35 and kicking 5 goals every single game. Post your thoughts. Speaking of Post, I think it's gunna be Jayden. Like many also ran KPP's before him, players in...
  18. bigpapagman

    well freo, thats embarrassing.

    Shitmound, Premiershipmond, whatever.......well we just decimated your mob. you can't even blame jumper clash. Seriously, though. You have two players, 29 & 31. Whoever they are, they get heaps of frees, and without them, you may as well be GWS.
  19. bigpapagman

    My favourite bit was.....

    How they thought the could **** us by tagging dusty. Trent ran amok. You can't tag everyone. We are going to be ridiculously good when it all comes together. Suck shit; rest of the league...... GO YOU TIGERS!!!!!! Wait until Conca peaks, the league will be rooted. Brett was quiet by his...

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