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  1. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact II

    Straya. God help Australians stuck overseas that need an ICU bed if governments have that opinion.
  2. ConcreteWaters

    Opinion The Politics of Coronavirus

    The talk about how it exposes neoliberalism is an interesting one. We've been growth mindset and business as usual for a long time. That's all been channelled into a limited, but so far very profitable set of industries, when we've got far more that we can exploit and diversify with. Maybe the...
  3. ConcreteWaters

    Opinion The Politics of Coronavirus

    I hope for a few positive things: -There will be a load of data on productivity on working from home. I hope this encourages a more flexible workforce, reduces the need for commuting with significant knock on effects to environment, work/life balance (less time commuting = more leisure/family...
  4. ConcreteWaters

    Game Day Grand Final Replay: West Coast Eagles vs Collingwood Magpies - 27/03/2020 - 7:30pm - 7Mate

    It was a 50:50 at best, Willie was creating space so he could mark, Dom got to it before him. On the other hand, that missed Cripps 50m when 3 Collingwood players ran into the protected space was shocking.
  5. ConcreteWaters

    News Willie Rioli - Provisionally Suspended

    With the Olympics postponed, surely they're not going to add bans to all of the people that are currently serving multi-year bans that will end this year. They go on time. They might have to change that to a set number of competitions, or name the competitions, but there's no real precedent and...
  6. ConcreteWaters

    Round 1 free kick count - no crowd !!

    Cool statistically significant story bro.
  7. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact That's us done for a while. Australia, you're 6 days behind. Do your bit.
  8. ConcreteWaters

    Positives and Negatives vs Melbourne

    + GOAT Eagles team. First time we've gone through the season undefeated. Bodes well.
  9. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact

    My money's on 1700
  10. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact

    With a shortage of test kits, the bloody idiots should have isolated for 14 days, as should anyone with flu-like symptoms. Can't believe they went to work. Most cases are mild. If you are one of these, isolate until you're no longer infectious. If it escalates, seek medical help. If every tom...
  11. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact

    We can adjust Australia's prediction up a little. From the data yesterday, you would have predicted 87 new cases today, there have so far been 113 new cases. For reference, you can see why Trump has rapidly changed his tune, and why the UK has very quickly gone into lockdown in the last 48...
  12. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact

    Simple maths from the available data paints a scary picture. 47 more days to infect 1.7 million people at the current rate (100 days since the start of the data), that's assuming the confirmed cases match the total number of cases. That equation overestimates at the start, and underestimates at...
  13. ConcreteWaters

    Mega Thread Coronavirus & the AFL - season postponed. (Thread part 1 - cont in part 2, link in thread)

    Was that the Brisbane trial? If they can get it done and it's effective then bloody awesome. I'm sure they'll be doing everything they can to push it through as quickly as possible
  14. ConcreteWaters

    Mega Thread Coronavirus & the AFL - season postponed. (Thread part 1 - cont in part 2, link in thread)

    A vaccine rolled out to the general population is, at best, a year away after the clinical trial process (and that's significantly speeding up a multi-year process). That's just the approvals, then actually manufacturing enough of it is another thing altogether. The Brisbane trial is...
  15. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact

    Most likely for next years virus season at best. It won't be a short-term 'cure' For the vaccine, the participants will be monitored for a year after receiving, then the data needs to be analysed and probably rolled out to a bigger cohort, although they might have ways of expediting that process...
  16. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact

    We can't even go to the Winchester and let it all blow over anymore :( A sign of things...
  17. ConcreteWaters

    Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact

    Needs to be tested on a large patient cohort first. It can't hurt, particularly when they're already approved drugs with known doses and side effects. A bit sensationalist to say it's a cure right now, but everyone wants to get in first with the papers, treatments etc (huge money to be made). If...

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