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  1. Luv_our_club

    Has the shape of the sherrin changed since the 90's?

    And has it impacted the game? I really want a final answer to this question. Watching throwback games this week, such as Carl v Ess 1993 round 2, the red ball looks sleeker and narrow. More like a gridiron ball. Kouta picks it up in his one hand and it disappears in his mitt, like it does in...
  2. Luv_our_club

    Would you join an AFL fans union/association? What could they achieve?

    The current AFL Fans Association is a joke. If they were serious, then I would have seen them outside at the MCG asking me to join up. I think fans need a real union and this could be the best time to create one. so.... Would you ever join a legit fans union? Would you pay membership...
  3. Luv_our_club

    16 minute quarters - the media push

    Nobody in footy can agree on anything.... but now every commentator and paid talking head agree that 16 minute quarters are inevitable next year, great for the game, much better than 20 minute quarters, needed for the dumb younger generation, and illogically will allow stars like Dusty to been...
  4. Luv_our_club

    Tigers have found the body shape for the modern game

    The modern game is made up of congestion and goals are mainly scored by running in numbers from congestion on the fast break. You need players that are stocky (do well in congestion) and hard running (fast break). Get as many as 18 of them in your team. GWS are building a similar profile...
  5. Luv_our_club

    Players that your club turned down or gave away

    Hawthorn: G. Ablett Snr - thus also Jnr J. Leppitsch - played U/19s A. Lynch - we had a choice of 3 Tasmanian players We almost got 17 year old J. Brown - we got cold feet and took D. Loates Josh Kennedy McPharlin (we had little choice) We should have drafted J. Selwood... And many others
  6. Luv_our_club

    Club Focus Sydney Academy in 2020 another bonanza

    Sydney's controversial academy is poised to produce another pair of bright prospects at next year's draft, Errol Gulden and Braeden Campbell, They look brilliant. Campbell looks like Nathan Buckley II. The academies are just the zone system but with systemic inequality.
  7. Luv_our_club

    Who Should Be In The Hall Of Fame, and Who Should Be A Legend?

    List of current members on wikipedia: I think G. Lyon should be in. I think M. Tuck should be a legend. 426 senior games, 50 reserves games Most finals: 39 Most grand finals: 11 Most flags: 7 Most games...
  8. Luv_our_club

    "The game we fell in love with is being taken away"

    Yesterday there were two very honest assessments in the media rejecting the AFL's current administration, accusing corruption, and exposing a corporate agenda. The first is a two minute rant from Mick Warner on 3AW calling the AFL corrupt: (listen here)...
  9. Luv_our_club

    Inspirational video stories on club websites

    I wanted to create a bank for people to upload links or videos of the inspirational footy stories we see from time to time, whether past stories or in the future. Unless you visit every FC website, you miss them. I hope supporters from each club can share their favorites, or whenever one pops...
  10. Luv_our_club

    Autopsy Round 3: Liked, Learnt, Hated

    Liked: The tall forwards having a Hipwood and Cameron, especially the latter. Learnt: Liam Ryan in 2018 was just a preview of the player to come. Hated: Again the ticky-touchy free kicks in every game. C'mon AFL House, let the umpires alone.
  11. Luv_our_club

    AFL media are gagged by their employers, and won't admit it

    On radio this morning Hutchy told a story from many years ago where he called Docklands stadium "death valley" and he said he almost lost his job because Ch 7 were stadium investors. Now Hutchy is known for never criticising the AFL... his business partners. Last week Marc McGowan from AFL.Com...
  12. Luv_our_club

    Autopsy Round 1: Liked, Hated, Learnt.

    Liked: Stk v GCS... was the game of the round. The Gold Coast had a real crack and some exciting talent on both lists. Hated: The media saying "underdogs" won just because the "experts" didn't give those teams a chance. Learnt: GWS are not going away.... window is wide open.
  13. Luv_our_club

    Rance collects people late... but he is just "clumsy" and never gets suspended

    Last year it became clear to me that Rance is a dirty player... coming in with late strikes..."ear massages".... during marking contests. A lot of that had to do with him collecting Luke Bruest in 2018... but that was the last straw for me. This week he collected Puopolo in the face, very...
  14. Luv_our_club

    Fevola - Most underrated player this century

    He averaged 3.1 goals per game. The only player to average higher post 2000 is Buddy on 3.16 The next best is J. Kennedy on 2.54. Fevola was also capable of the incredible. Long bombs. Snap shots. Who is more underrated than Fev?
  15. Luv_our_club

    Golden Point - worst way to decide a GF

    If today's game went to extra time.... it could have been decided by a rushed behind. No thanks. The goal by Sheed will never be forgotten. The AFL must scrap the Golden Point system.
  16. Luv_our_club

    The Pies deserve all the credit... give it to them here.

    Even if you hate Collingwood..... they were amazing tonight. . Mason Cox.... one the unforgettable finals games.... Nathan Buckley... never got a flag as a player... will now at least be coach of the year. The way Grundy rucked in the first quarter, punching clear of the stoppage.... was a...
  17. Luv_our_club

    AFL offering no moral leadership in 2018

    Earlier this year Carro made a big deal about a comedian on Ch 7 making jokes about Cox with reference to Sam Lane. Carro said it was wildly inappropriate. It was an off the cuff joke and not pre-meditated. Then today her paper prints the headline: "Collingwood need Cox to stand up"..... but...
  18. Luv_our_club

    Stories the AFL media ignore

    Is there a story, positive or negative, that you are surprised is overlooked by the media this year? I am surprised that: 1. Hardwicks post game criticism of umpires, rules, is largely overlooked compared to comments from some other coaches. For example, his talk about ducking practice, and...
  19. Luv_our_club

    Moving players through the ND... why not?

    For example, Melbourne finished below the Crows. If Lever had the right price tag, and a declaration that he only wanted to play for Melbourne, could he have been taken by the Dees in the ND? Or North with De Goey this year if it plays out that way? Often there seems little risk that another...

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