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  1. Cevap_Roll

    Universal Love 2019 Premiership Memorabilia!!!

    What's everyone buying/bought?
  2. Cevap_Roll

    Prediction If Graham doesn't pull up, Who replaces him? (POLL)

    If Graham doesnt get up I chose Pickett. Yes hes never played AFL Before but he is 27 and has played big games in the WAFL. Hoping with his age and maturity the occasion doest get the better of him. Ross is his exact replacement and the best like for like but is he too young. Yes Graham did it...
  3. Cevap_Roll

    AFL Journalism gets their news from Bigfooty

    Edit. Seems Brian has proved he was first to the news. Seems someone is leaking his news. In further development Brian is offically a racist. Comments on Brad Hill rather interesting. Cant believe he let this slip to save his credibility
  4. Cevap_Roll

    Prediction Jack to win his 3rd Coleman

    Rekon he can do it. Big chance to kick 6 against GC and hes up to his nose in it. Hopefully top spot is secured and we can help him get it. All talk about Rance, Martin, Grimes and Vlastuin being AA but Jack should be there hands down. Win the Coleman and they cant keep him out.
  5. Cevap_Roll


    Has this ever happened before? If both Kangas and Hawks win this week all of Cats, Crows and GWS will be out of the 8. I think its a real possibility. They say footy isnt even anymore but fast forward 12 months and we will almost certainly have a very different top 4 and top 8 to last season.
  6. Cevap_Roll


    For so long we have been waiting for this club to make a statement. For so long at every chance they have had they have let us down. Something has changed at Richmond I can feel it. Everyone else can feel it. From the moment we signed 2 very good players in the off season and from the moment...
  7. Cevap_Roll

    News Dustys Emotional Plea

    Dusty's emotional plea - I must say I find amazing how someone can be doported just for asociating with the wrong people but other's get to remain in the country with theft and assualt charges. Feel for Dusty not...
  8. Cevap_Roll


    Long time since I have posted and I figured my 1st post in ages would be this one. If there is one thing the club does in the off season I hope its this. MAKE JACK CAPTAIN! You know its the right thing to do. The fact he's not even in our leadership group is pathetic and a pure example of how...
  9. Cevap_Roll

    Competitions 2016 Supercoach Richmond League

    Hi All I just started a league for Supercoach Classic and I need 17 other players to join in the fun. I would like to keep this league for Bigfooty players only. If we have too many numbers I am happy to create a second league if need be. Register you interest here and it would be ideal if...
  10. Cevap_Roll

    List Mgmt. DFA, one thread discuss to all of them

    New thread to discuss all possible desisted free agents. Single threads can be made once a player is either linked or signed to us. Gorringe Redden Daw Adcock Moore Ballard? Wright Harper Etc Etc
  11. Cevap_Roll

    Analysis McBean and our talls, What do we do?

    With Mcbean on fire the last month in the VFL I would think other clubs will start noticing his performances. Dont be surprised if Mcbean starts getting some nice offers from rival clubs. How much longer can we keep him satisfied in the twos until he too starts thinking about these offer? Is he...
  12. Cevap_Roll

    Player Watch #8: Jack Riewoldt

    Underrated by so many non Richmond supporters. Seriously matured over they pre season, what a player.
  13. Cevap_Roll

    Roast Turnovers...

    North kicked 92 points from a total of 109 points.
  14. Cevap_Roll

    Roast Our worst 4 quaters since the dark days

    Melbourne 2nd half 1 goal 6 Geelong 1st half 2 goals 6 For players that are meant to be hurting after another elimantion final loss 3 goals 12 in 4 quarters of football is ******* pathetic. We are going backwards at a scary pace.
  15. Cevap_Roll

    Clash of Clans

    Hi There Not sure where to place this but it is a game after all. Do many people here play Clash of Clans? If so I have made a clan called Team AME check us out. Im trying to make it as many Aussies as possible.
  16. Cevap_Roll


    We keep trying the big 3 but I just cant see it working. The big 3 means Llyod misses out. I would prefer we go into round 1 with. Llyod,Jack, Morris Mid, Griffiths, Mid Llyod is all class. Hes not the small that will give us the forward pressure but neither is playing 3 talls. Give up...
  17. Cevap_Roll

    Opinion Your big call of the year (Richmond Only)

    Put your balls on the line. Whats your big call for the year. Mine is Lambert to take Conca's spot in the team and Conca to request a trade back to WA. This isn't a thread to knock players just an opinion thread if you don't agree rather then complaining, just add to thread with your own big...
  18. Cevap_Roll

    POLL! Who do you want at Pick #12

    Seems everyone has their own opinion on who we should pick at #12. Lets start a poll. I have only picked players who are a reasonable chance to be at our pick.
  19. Cevap_Roll

    Toast Our Interstate Form

    I think the most impressive part of this season other then our miraculous 9-0 winning streak has been our form interstate. We have played 6 games interstate for 5-1 record. When was the las time we have seen a Richmond side travel so well. Gold Coast - Lose We really should have won this game...
  20. Cevap_Roll

    Who is heading to Sydney?

    Who is heading to Sydney? Will people be confident enough to book tickets before the Saints game or will most people wait? I think I want to go but don't want to book too early or book too late. What are tickets like for ANZ?

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