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  1. Free Agent

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    Breaking news. Everyone on board dead. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Free Agent

    Podcast How to have a good thread on the main board. (Marlion Pickett)

    Ok so I'm looking at making a really good thread but not sure how. I want to know what does one need to become legendary. Do I need some of Hamish McLauchlan wiki edits. What is it. Please help me become a better poster. Guide me wise ones. Guide me. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. Free Agent

    Podcast Pre season training. Who looks like they are in for a big season

    Thought it would be interesting to get an idea and early insight in teams pre seasons across the league. Who have come back and look like having a big season. Who is a good pick for SuperCoach going by pre season form. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Free Agent

    Tax return question

    Just did my tax return with an Accountant. I first went to another tax accountant but he wanted all these documents from me I didn't have at the time and didn't really like his attitude. Was pretty rude. So because of that I didn't go back and went to another who was much nicer and helped me...
  5. Free Agent

    Deledio Gibbs Rich old dogs soon to be top 3.

    I reckon these 3 old dogs will show the younger generation players coming through that you can never write off the older players and will become the top 3 midfielders in the coming years. I'm excited about what will come from these players in the second wind of their careers. Strap yourselves...
  6. Free Agent

    Arts & Humanities Time to change the sound of the horn.

    Had enough. Horns are being misused in today's society. It's out of control. It's aggressive and loud. I hate the sound of the car horn. Why haven't manufactures done anything about the horn. They have updated cars in every other aspect. But the most important thing they havent change is the...
  7. Free Agent

    Podcast Past Player Highlights Thread

    Giving the game is at a pretty low standard these days it's got me thinking about the past and how good some of the players were that we didn't really appreciate at the time. Just post some highlights of any players that you liked that are now retired. Here is Branden Fevola highlights. Might...
  8. Free Agent

    Who wants to be an AFL player

    So I sat through this and watched this crap. I can't help but be annoyed with this video. Gold Coast have put it out there so think it's only fair to review it. No wonder Gold Coast are so bad when you have players going through crap like this. It's like watching a accountant who has no idea...
  9. Free Agent

    Coffee places

    Coffee makes me poo with explosive diarrhea but I still love it. Anyone got any places you'd recommend.
  10. Free Agent

    What would you want a second chance at if you could.

    What are some things in life that if you could be able to go back and do it all over again what would they be. Doesn't even have to be a regret. Could be something you have enjoyed once in the past but for what ever reason just dont do anymore and would love another chance if it was possible to...
  11. Free Agent

    Would you trust a self driving car

    If Telsa the electric car manufacturer start bringing out a self driving transport service alternative to Uber and Taxis would you be comfortable using one. They say they will bring them out in coming years and by 10 years it will be fully up and running in the public transport industry. I...
  12. Free Agent

    Stats you wish they had.

    I want to know how many nervous poos each team has before a game as it might be a good indication between the best teams and worst. If you can handle the pressure the best I'd assume you wouldn't need to be doing nervous poos. The more nervous poos stat might indicate the more they might fumble...
  13. Free Agent

    Landlord problems

    Ok so I need some advice. My landlord wants to measure the backyard. I'm confused. What would be the purpose of it. Anyone got an ideas why would a landlord would ask to measure the backyard. We got offered a new 12 month lease just yesterday. ??????
  14. Free Agent

    hobbies and interest

    So what do you spend time doing outside of work that you love doing. Im looking for a new hobby. I use to play footy and I do really miss playing but it takes a huge toll on the body. I retired few years ago and I havent really filled the void. I need something to do with myself right now...
  15. Free Agent

    How do you watch AFL.

    Ok so I'm not a fan of free to air broadcasting as they dont show every match. I know foxtel broadcast every game but I feel its too much of a price just for AFL. Cost would be like $200 setup and $25-$50 a month. Im a Eagles supporter living in Melbourne so need to see my team every week...
  16. Free Agent

    Are we starting to see a new era in wrestling.

    This is a genuine question. Not going to get into a shit fight as I know how many times I've heard the attitude to PG/00 era or what ever you call it comparisons. Now I say this after seeing the Omega vs Jericho Match at NJPW. It was huge and to be honest I believe it has backfired completely...
  17. Free Agent

    Competitions Time to focus on AFLX. who do we choose

    So with the AFL talking about a possible AFLX comp in the 2018 preseason, I think it would make a good disscussion on what 7 players we would choose. Nic Nat, Kennedy, Shuey, Yeo, McGovern, Then it gets difficult for remaining two positions. Gaff, Sheed, Duggan, Sheppard, Hurn
  18. Free Agent

    Roast I'm partly responsible for the season we are having.

    First I want to explain. When I go to matches I have a bad win loss record. In fact I've never been to a game where we have won. !!!!EVER!!!! It all started when I went to my first match. Rnd 19 1999 Essendon vs Westcoast. We were off to a great start and up by 5 goals into the second when...
  19. Free Agent

    Prediction This time next year on Channel 9

    So Ive just seen a commercial for a new Tv series called this time next year. So with this show you say what you want this time next year and next year you see if it's achieved. I want to go on it and say this time next year West Coast will be top 4 and no Priddis or Masten on our list...
  20. Free Agent

    List Mgmt. An open letter to our recruitment team

    Dear Rohan O'Brien and Crazy Vosso and the rest of our recruitment team. After carefully consideration I would like to say on behalf of the West Coast Eagles that your services are no longer required. Your contracts will not be continued into 2018. We would like to thank you for your efforts...

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