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  1. Lynch takes a mark

    The Bar - Beer, Wine & Spirits Discussion Thread

    Picked up some 13/3 biggie juice from Dan's, absolutely superb compared to the last batch I got (~4 months old), still not the straight off the tap level but damn close.
  2. Lynch takes a mark

    The Bar - Beer, Wine & Spirits Discussion Thread

    I had 2 mild anxiety attacks over the 2 hours. What happened? Hard to describe, kind of explored the extremes of Apollo and Dionysus influences over the decade or so, thought about which was occurring at the time and what would be the healthier going forward. I think at times in the past I've...
  3. Lynch takes a mark

    The Bar - Beer, Wine & Spirits Discussion Thread

    Don't laugh, I had a gift voucher for 2 hours in a float tank from Christmas 2018 that I used in January and then just stopped wanting to try the latest beers. By April I figured I might as well give it a year and see if I notice a difference, I didn't. The only thing I noticed was less...
  4. Lynch takes a mark

    The Bar - Beer, Wine & Spirits Discussion Thread

    Late to the BBQ but went to Dan's after a 12 month sabbatical from booze and thank the beer gods, Biggie Juice has been canned and Modus are shipping at a decent price. Sacrifice was worth the effort.
  5. Lynch takes a mark

    Emerging key forward talent (poll)

    I'm a fan of Allen, I'm confident of him being a consistent forward of centre threat. Good ground coverage, hits the goals at an early age and has some creativity in bringing others into the game. Not that high on the list for potential (you would say his is a good to occasionally very good...
  6. Lynch takes a mark

    Venables concussion

    Also working on his peripheral vision a little, good to see.
  7. Lynch takes a mark

    Strongest Player in the AFL - Pound for Pound

    As others have said, I don't know if bench is much of a measure for an AFL player (and I competed in powerlifting back in the day!). I can't think of many occasions where a player is horizonatal and needs to lift a perfectly balanced 7ft object to extension. Maybe something like a cumulative...
  8. Lynch takes a mark

    Best Norm Smith Medalist 2010-2019

    Shuey was a monster in 2018, had a couple of HTB's late but can't fault his day. Adams for Collingwood would have been my winner if the pies got up.
  9. Lynch takes a mark

    2020 Wish list

    Was awesome to watch back in the day :thumbsu: This is a very 2006 flag team strategy, I think it was due to the perceived strength and flexibility across half forward, the likes of Judd, Embley, Staker (who was very flexible in game day roles that year) and Cousins all kicked 20+. The problem...
  10. Lynch takes a mark

    List Mgmt. All Trades and Draft Part 2- Draft edition

    is it a requirement that we use 3 picks in the draft each year? Are we going to go after another pick?
  11. Lynch takes a mark

    Society/Culture Feminism - 2017 Thread - Pt II

    I think they are separate issues He reviewed the CCTV footage, couldn't see any evidence to back up her claims - part 1 Part 2 - dismiss the claim and then add in the element of not being attractive enough If in part 1 the owner saw the girl stumbling out of the club being guided by a guy who...
  12. Lynch takes a mark

    Society/Culture Feminism - 2017 Thread - Pt II

    Not sure of your point The footage shows she is fine and dandy leaving the club and chatting with her friends, no vomit on her clothes, no signs of poor motor control. Also backed by a complete lack of evidence for the use of date rape drugs in Australia in multiple studies with decent sample...
  13. Lynch takes a mark

    Tim Kelly.

    If I were Bell then I would be thinking the exact same thing I'm of the opinion that the moment you win a Premiership you sell the cattle and go straight into a rebuild, stats show the chance of a second flag (for non vic teams anyway) is minimal so might as well get on with the show.
  14. Lynch takes a mark

    2020 Wish list

    I like Redden on a wing/outside, he has good running capactiy and is a very good relieving make on the switch plays - I see him as more value than JUST defensive, as in a first 18 squad, maybe in the 10-14 range. I like Jacko Nelson in that he runs harder towards a pack than away from it, could...
  15. Lynch takes a mark

    Uncontracted Tim Kelly [requested a trade to West Coast]

    So Freo pay 6 & 7 for TK, Saints 6 for Hill In no way would I believe that happening.
  16. Lynch takes a mark

    Prediction Best 22 for 2020

    FB: Jetta, Barrass, Sheppard HB: Hurn, Gov, Yeo C: Nelson, Kelly, Gaff HF: Ryan, Darling, Waterman FF: Cameron, Kennedy, Cripps R: Naitanui, Shuey, Sheed I: Redden, Duggan, Petruccelle, Allen Forward line rotation Talls: Kennedy, Darling, Allen, Waterman, Naitanui Smalls: Ryan, Cameron...
  17. Lynch takes a mark

    Opinion Dangerfield and his poor kicking

    No different to when he was drafted, doesn't mean he isn't in the top 3 players in game, it's just a detractor among MANY strengths. From 2008
  18. Lynch takes a mark

    Universal Love Nathan Fyfe 2019 Brownlow Medal Winner

    Just to put the win in perspective - Fyfe is averaging 1.07 votes per game across his career. :thumbsu: Higher than any other player to win a brownlow in history (Flog Dangerfield is on .9)
  19. Lynch takes a mark

    Analysis The 2018 premiership is the high point of WC's history

    2006 SF against the Bulldogs is one of my favourites, I remember the day well - 10 hours cash job down in Waroona, pulling up couch grass for mate of one of my law lecturers. I think it was around the time I changed my username from Lynch Drops a Mark to Lynch Takes a Mark :p

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