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  1. SugarShane

    Preview Face Off - Round 15 - Adelaide V Carlton

    AFL 2017 Premiership Season Round 15: Carlton Vs Adelaide Where & When: MCG. Saturday, July 1, 2:10pm Local (1:40pm ACST) Sportsbet Odds: Adelaide $1.30, Carlton $3.55. Line is 23.5 points Adelaide’s way. Gamble responsibly. Unless you’ve got a sure thing. Then load up. Weather...
  2. SugarShane

    Roast Things that happen more often than a Crows free kick against the Bulldogs

    Halley's Comet Mount Vesuvius erupting Planetary alignment Bulldogs Finals wins
  3. SugarShane

    Little things you do just to be a dick

    In response to the good deeds thread, what little things do you do just to make life annoying for someone else? I sometimes pretend i don't know what someone's talking about even if i do, and make them keep explaining it. I correct people's grammar or other mistakes, even when it has no...
  4. SugarShane

    Multiplat F1 2013

    F1 2013 came out yesterday. Anyone else still paying for the yearly updates like me? Plays nearly exactly the same as last year's, except i'm having a lot of trouble with tyre wear in my career. My tyres go off like crazy while the AI remain unaffected. The addition of the Classic modes is...
  5. SugarShane

    Preview Adelaide Crows 2013 Music Video - Unfinished Business

    Hey all, I've thrown together another pump up video for us, I'm calling it Unfinished Business. I got fed up with this bloody circus off season and had to remind myself what it's all about, so maybe take 3 minutes and do the same. Hope you all enjoy it!
  6. SugarShane

    Preview 2012 Pump Up Video

    In anticipation of our boys first hit out this weekend, and for the real stuff in March, i knocked this up last night to get us all pumped up for the new beginning in 2012. Enjoy! It won't work embedded thanks to WMG apparently, so there's the link.
  7. SugarShane

    Preview Face Off Round 8: Adelaide Vs Gold Coast

    2011 AFL Premiership Round 8 Saturday 14th May 2.40pm – AAMI Stadium Adelaide Vs Gold Coast It has been a horror weekend for us Crows fans, but at some point we have to forget last week and look forward to this week. So I hereby bring you this week's Face Off. History: As...
  8. SugarShane

    Premier Member seats

    It's my first year being a member this year, and i decided to go with the Premier membership, with the free tickets to 3 games. Well Tuesday morning i decided to check out what seats were available for the Freo game, and the best it would give me was row U. I thought that's a bit steep when the...

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