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  1. Footscrazy

    Opinion Don't Stop Believin'

    It was October 15 2014, still less than 3 years ago, that Griff was traded. Since then, we have been on the ride of our lives. Once derided as "irrelevant", Bevo's Bulldogs have changed the game. No longer is there an aura around the best teams in the competition. At the highest level, with the...
  2. Footscrazy

    Matchday Experience

    Considering the notable improvement in the online experience for us WB fans this off-season, got me thinking about how the club can change the live match experience for our home games. I posted this a few months ago I can't remember when it was, but recently there was the...
  3. Footscrazy

    Review Vent - Rd 22 - Geelong

    Noticed one hadn't been made yet.
  4. Footscrazy

    Addam Maric

    Delisted by the Dees, I reckon the dogs should have a look at him. Watched him play at greenvale. Silky skills, just needs a bit of mongrel. Date of birth 19 April 1990 (age 21) Original team Greenvale/Calder Cannons Height/Weight 177 cm / 76 kg
  5. Footscrazy

    Places in Footscray area to watch the Bulldogs interstate games

    Just wondering for other non-foxtel customers are there any pubs in Footscray that have the Doggies game on the bigscreen for interstate games? Seems on a saturday arvo in most pubs with a sports bar its just old blokes punting on the horses or greyhounds.

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