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  1. TheGermanator

    The Association Football AFL Thread

    Atrocious skills
  2. TheGermanator

    The X Files Reboot

    Over the weekend, Fox confirmed that they were in the logistical phase of rebooting the series. That is to say, they were checking to make sure they could get all the original players back and available at the same time because, Fox promised, they’re not doing The X-Files without Mulder and...
  3. TheGermanator

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is coming to 3DS in Spring 2015. Unveiled via Nintendo Direct, Iwata...
  4. TheGermanator


    How do i go about changing my Username?
  5. TheGermanator

    INs & OUTs - Collingwood v Melbourne (Teams Just In)

    In: Cloke, Sinclair, Paine, Oxley Out: Krakouer (Omitted)
  6. TheGermanator

    2010 Premiership

    Hey guys was just thinking about this earlier & thought it could be a good discussion; would we have won the 2010 premiership if we didn't trade Tarrant to Freo and would we have drafted Ben Reid or Nate Brown with our draft pick that year? And would we have kept Tarrant forward or would he have...
  7. TheGermanator

    Brian Taylor

    How much of a moron is this guy?! Whenever i hear him speak it makes me angry. All his commentary consists of is "WOW WEE!" "BOY OH BOY!" "Calder Cannons footy factory" And wtf was he calling Dion Prestia the other night, "the human meatball" WTF?!?!! :thumbsdown: o_O
  8. TheGermanator

    What are some good UFO documentaries?

    Hey guys anyone here know of any good UFO doco's that you can recommend??
  9. TheGermanator

    Most punchable head in the AFL

    Thread title speaks for itself

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