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    Is this a good notebook?

    I'm wanting to spend 500-900 on a notebook mainly used for office tasks. I do want it to last at least 3 years though. Is this a good one?
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    What's happening with Nick Davis

    Any chance of him being picked up in the PSD?
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    Left handed, right footed players?

    Just wondering who are the current left handed, right footed players. Vossy was a deadset champion but what about current players?
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    Does anyone have an iphone?

    Wondering if anyone has an iphone and what they think of it?
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    Fifa 08 or Burnout Paradise for PS3?

    In a tossup between these games. Has anyone played them?
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    Best PS3 deal going around?

    Am looking to buy a PS3. Whats the best deal going?
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    Want to buy a laptop

    I am looking at buying either a macbook or a PC laptop that is 13" I need something to take to uni, surf the net, take notes etc.
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    Need to buy new mobile phone

    I'm on an Optus $79 cap and looking to upgrade. Any suggestions?
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    Good games to download?

    I want to download some games to my laptop. What are some good ones?
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    Taking laptop on the plane?

    I'm heading down to Melbourne soon via Virgin and I'm wondering what the procedure regarding laptops going through security is. Do you need to take them apart? Or just take them out of their case? If I have to remove the battery and other stuff I'm not going to bother
  11. V


    Just wonder how Schammer is travelling. Is he over his surgery complications?
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    Can you help me with a song title?

    I'm trying to remember the name of a song. It came out about 1999-2001. The song I THINK is named after some symphony and it has a snippet of a beat running through the song. Its kind of techno/dance with no words. Does anyone know the name of the song I'm trying to think of ?
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    5. Daniel McConell

    My man D-mac. I sure hope he can hit the seniors in Round 1 Fast Facts Jumper No: 5 Height: 189 Weight: 88 DOB: 21/06/1986 Recruited From: Vermont/Eastern U18/West Coast Career Matches: 2 Career Goals: 0 2006 Home & Away Totals Matches: 4 Goals: 0 Marks: 26 Disposals: 70 Kicks: 40
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Hump De Bump

    What do people think of this song?
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    Plugging Macbookpro into TV?

    I want to plug my MBP into my TV. I have this TV and am wondering if it is possible to do it. I have the adapter that came with the MBP so I think I just need one cable? Would it be possible to have the picture in HD?
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    AVI to DVD?

    I downloaded a torrent which is in an avi format. Am I able to put this file on DVD to be able to watch it on TV or do I have to convert it?
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    Universities in Melbourne

    Hi I am about to finish my undergrad in Psychology and I am looking at universities in Melbourne to continue my studies. Can anyone recommend any that have good psych degrees?
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    Which Nintendo DS game would you reccomend?

    I'm looking to buy a new DS. I only have Brain Training and am looking to buy another
  19. V

    List of players that play with their opposite hand?

    I know Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey (I think) are there any else?
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    Wii or Xbox 360?

    I am currently tossing up whether to get an XBOX 360 or wait for the Wii. I don't really have the money for the 360 but I've heard the Wii graphics are quite sub par. Can any 360 users out there give me an insight on gameplay etc? Do you have to pay to play Xbox live?

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