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  1. cecil

    Whitten Oval Redevelopment Plans (UPDATE: No AFL Games)

    Figured this is big enough for its own thread, as it could lead to some pretty big outcomes. AFL matches for...
  2. cecil

    Traded Marcus Adams [traded to Brisbane for #32 and a future 3rd round pick]

    Under contract, but is understood to have requested a trade. Most likely back to WA. Bit of a weird one in that he can clearly play to a high level, and is coming into his prime, yet can't stay on the park. Both WC and Freo seem set for Key Backs, but has shown he has potential to play forward...
  3. cecil

    Changes v Roos R14

    Looks like we are starting to scrape the barrel for players. Out: Boyd, Webb, Wood, Macrae (all injured) Bont and Maclean probably in doubt too In: Campbell, Roughead, Jong, Dunkley - Greene and Naughton/Roberts next in line FB: Crozier, Trengove, Naughton HB: JJ, Cordy, Williams C...
  4. cecil

    Round 8 vs Brisbane - IN's and OUT's

    Changes for next week? I'll go: OUT: English (desperately needs a rest), Richards (had a good go, now to drop back to the VFL for a while), Honeychurch IN: Trengove, R.Smith, Bont Seems like Wood will be out another week, and I would give Schache another week in the VFL before promoting him -...
  5. cecil

    Bulldogs Merchandise Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

    I've been cleaning out my cupboards lately and have come across a fair bit of Dogs merch which I have no use for anymore, but I am sure would be of interest to some of you on here. So I figured it could be a good idea to get a thread up and going for everyone to use. Obviously, any deals struck...
  6. cecil

    Bulldogs Heritage Book

    I have been flicking through the book again, and I think it is a great initiative by the club! I was just wondering if their are any other good books like this available? Also, it was said at the time that this would be the first volume, with more to follow. Does anyone know what is...
  7. cecil

    Opinion An Analysis of our trading/mature age picks

    Seen it come up a bit in the debate about Dawes regarding our hopeless trading/recruiting history, and thought I would actually look into it. Since 99, our decisions look like this: 1999: Traded Martin for Batlett and 32 - WIN! 32 ended up being Gia. Martin did little Powell...
  8. cecil

    2nds Would you pay for our own VFL team?

    Bought this up in another thread, so here it goes. Would you put money towards us having our seconds team every year? How much? Its obviously not a commitment, but try to keep it reasonable. I'll make a tally and link official bulldogs in to it once the thread has been going for a bit...
  9. cecil

    Practical ideas for the Dogs

    Thought it would be a good idea to get some ideas flowing about practical ways the club can improve off-field. Please note that this is not a thread for the "drop Gia forever" or "stop recruiting dud's" responses. Anyway, here my ideas are: *One thing I am surprised that the club doesnt do is...
  10. cecil

    Opinion Managing older players?

    There has been a bit of discussion of late about us resting some of our older players in order to give some kids more games. Should we do this? Specifically against GWS this week? Personally, I think we should do it. My idea is as follows: Have Minson play 18 games for the year: It looks like...
  11. cecil

    TV rights

    I'm suprised that there is no thread on this yet. But after the AFL announced the Tv rights being worth 1.25 bulldion dollars, how does this affect us? Last time the TV rights were announced clubs were given one-off cash injections weren't they? Do you think this will happen again? If it does...
  12. cecil

    Team Planning

    I have noticed alot of talk about trading/delisting players due to our (not yet determined) slide. So heres a thread to talk about the list management if we slip to the lower reaches of the 8 or miss out entirely. Basically, I see our next window (if this one is closed) opening in about 2014...
  13. cecil

    Bulldogs Heritage

    Has anybody bought the book made available after the HOF night? Whats it like? Worth the $75? Worth the extra for the leather bound edition? Also, have there been more things like this released in the past?
  14. cecil

    List Management

    Ive been thinking lately what would happen if our year ended dismally, and we failed to get into the top 4 and were an early exit from the finals. Its safe to say that after this yr we will lose Johnno, Aker and Eagleton and the next yr will lose a couple more. But with a few kids showing...

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