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  1. Premiers04

    Multiplat Sonic Mania

    Out now on PS4, Switch and Xbox One. August 29th on PC. What's this? A good Sonic game? whatyearisthis.jpg Currently sitting at 86 on Metacritic, Sonic Mania is the highest rating Sonic game in 15 years and it took the fans to... well, listen to the fans and give them the Sonic game they've...
  2. Premiers04

    Multiplat Metro Exodus

    No thread for this yet but one for that Bubsy piece of shit. This board's slipping.
  3. Premiers04

    News E3 2017

    Less than a month to go until one of the most important E3's in recent times. Let's kick things off with some pre E3 discussion. Sony have been killing it at E3 for years. Will they continue their form of showing games not coming out anytime soon or will they put some of these titles in the...
  4. Premiers04

    Multiplat Snake Pass

    Released today on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. PS4 $29.95 Xbox One $29.45 Switch $26.00 A physics based platformer from Sumo Digital, developers of Little BigPlanet 3 & Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. Originally created for an internal "Game Jam" competition, Snake Pass entered full...
  5. Premiers04

    PS4 Bigfooty community on PS4

    As part of the PS4's 3.0 update, we now have communities, a group message board that is found in the friends tab. I have set one up for this board, there's no search for community function that i can see so I've sent invites to people on my friends list. It's open to all so people not on my...
  6. Premiers04

    Multiplat Yooka- Laylee

    Kickstarter went up yesterday for a new 3D platformer from Playtonic Games, a studio made up of former RARE staff, looking through their roster, some of the best ones. Reached it's initial goal of $1,000,000 in a touch over 6 hours, making it the quickest project to reach 1 million and has...
  7. Premiers04

    PS4 P.T. (Playable Teaser)

    So just played P.T. (playable teaser for the new Silent Hill for those that dont know) HOLY SHIT!!!! Makes Outlast a G rated kids game, heart was racing, didn't help playing it with headphones on in the dark. There's a method to finishing it and seeing the SH trailer but following a guide...
  8. Premiers04

    Multiplat Resident Evil Remake HD The original Resident Evil game is being remastered for release on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox...
  9. Premiers04

    VG Board SUPERCOACH 2016 - spots available!

    Its that time of year again. Have started up a league for the board to compete in so post in here if interested and i'll send you a PM with the league code. League name is "BigFooty Syds!" Teams Powerful Wanx - Premiers04 Jim's Syds - Gold Member Da Bad Guys - Liverpool_FC8 House Atriedes -...
  10. Premiers04

    Gaming stuff you got for Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas to the VG board. What did that fat guy with the gamer tag xxJollySleigherxx get you all for Christmas? Either as a gift or through gift cards. Heres mine. Mario from the wife, Skylanders from the kids. Daughter loves Skylanders, so its probably just as much her present as it is...
  11. Premiers04

    Bad Gaming Habits

    Interested to hear some of your bad gaming habits, things that you do either in game or related to gaming that are of little to no benefit but are damn hard to break out of. Common ones for me: - To start 4 or 5 different games at one time and struggle to finish any of them, usually because...
  12. Premiers04

    Multiplat Castle Of Illusion Remake

    Spotted this on IGN I'll leave the prefix as rumour for now until its officially confirmed. Sega Mega Drives Castle of Illusion and its follow up, World of Illusion were a massive part of my childhood gaming...
  13. Premiers04

    Multiplat Abes Oddysee: New & Tasty (Remake)

    Just found out about this today, one of the great platformers of the PS1 era getting the proper remake treatment (not just upscaled to HD like the collections) with revamped levels, new areas and HD graphics. Count me in No release date as of yet and confirmed platforms are the usual 360, PC &...
  14. Premiers04

    Multiplat Black Ops 2 Player List

    Considering nearly everyone is getting this, including a few that skipped MW3, it only makes sense that we have a player list. High chance we'll have multiple parties going at the same time on the PS3 (not sure how many on here play on 360) within the first month or 2, so what better time to add...
  15. Premiers04


    Hope the Swannies go sing the club song in front of the Crows cheersquad. Dont fu** with the football gods :thumbsu:
  16. Premiers04

    4/8/2012 the day Port Adelaide died

    Over it, shut up shop, fu** this pathetic excuse of a team.
  17. Premiers04

    You Laugh You Lose: Video Game Edition

    Post your gaming related funnys
  18. Premiers04

    Multiplat Medal Of Honor Warfighter

    New multiplayer trailer released, shit just got real If this plays similar to Close Quarters on BF3 then consider CoD dead.
  19. Premiers04

    Multiplat The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
  20. Premiers04

    Multiplat Rayman Legends

    There were rumours going around that a new Rayman, in the same vein as Origins was in the works. Good news is the trailer has leaked and an even bigger surprise is its for the Wii U version. Being removed on youtube by Ubisoft but this link still works for those interested. Origins is a very...

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