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  1. Primetime Pricey

    The Primetime Pricey Memorial Thread for unrepentant gamblers, Part 15 feat. Jaidyn Stephenson

    Continued from part 14 ————— I'm done with the Phillies.
  2. Primetime Pricey

    Primetime Priceys shelter for degenerate punters (the betting thread). Part VI

  3. Primetime Pricey

    SA Bushfires - Help Needed

    ****Mod Edit**** I know this is not football related but these fires were beyond devastating and Primetime Pricey is trying to help his family. As many of you don't visit The Nest I'll just leave it here for a day or so, and if any of you can help I'm sure it will be appreciated. ****Mod...
  4. Primetime Pricey

    MLB Season 2015

    It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cubs and Cardinals. Lets go!
  5. Primetime Pricey

    MLB 2014 Postseason

    Its here finally! Couple big wildcard games to get it started. Think KC will beat Oakland and Pittsburgh will win the other
  6. Primetime Pricey

    Penny Dreadfull

    Just started watching this new show and its brilliant. Plus it has Eva Green in it so its worth watching regardless
  7. Primetime Pricey

    MLB 2014 Game Thread

    No thread up at the moment LAD up 1-0 top 6th against the Padres
  8. Primetime Pricey

    You have been had Carlton!

    Harry O and Bucks have mastered the biggest troll seen in VFL/AFL history. Harry O and Bucks pretended to have a fall out and suckered CarLOLton into submission. Sucked in you Price Fixer Park flogs! This trolling will be spoken of for years to come.
  9. Primetime Pricey

    MLB 2011 World Series

    Think it deserves its own thread :thumbsu: Lets go Cardinals!!!!
  10. Primetime Pricey

    Location/Meet ups for Champions League Final

    Lads Just seeing if people on here were catching up and watching Manchester United win another trophy...:D I shall be at the Rosemont Hotel in Adelaide and if anyone else in Adelaide is doing likewise it would be good to catchup over a beer or 2. much love Pricey
  11. Primetime Pricey

    Is this what its come to?

    i mean what will they do next to get people to come and watch? :D:thumbsu:
  12. Primetime Pricey

    It begins!!!

    AFL season 2011 begins this week Yes people.... the Collingwood FC defends its Premiership this weekend :thumbsu: LETS GET BLOODY FIRED UP :thumbsu::thumbsu::thumbsu::thumbsu::thumbsu::thumbsu:
  13. Primetime Pricey

    The Official New York Knicks Thread - Dennis Smith Jr >> Tim Hardaway Jr

    All New York information, rumours and just general Knick chit chat is welcome in here. The Knicks are on the rise and with this will be the fanbase. All bandwagoners who love Melo and STAT are welcome. Welcome Melo and Billups :thumbsu:
  14. Primetime Pricey

    Toast Thanks for the memories

    I just want to say thanks to all the Collingwood fans who made my trip to Melbourne one of the best experiences ever. That was the best atmosphere ive ever seen at a AFL match. The Collingwood chant in the 2nd qtr was immense and i could feel the stand shaking late in the game when victory is...
  15. Primetime Pricey

    Get Your Mugs!
  16. Primetime Pricey

    Collingwood article: "The premiership's a hatewalk for top-table Collingwood" A decent article but Gerard tries to over do things as usual word wise. Keep it simple for us Collingwood folk :D
  17. Primetime Pricey

    NBA 2010-2011 Off-season Thread part 3

    STAT isnt as dumb as Harrington lol. I like your style though mod edit: see for old thread.
  18. Primetime Pricey

    Port Adelaide in Adelaide festivities

    COLLINGWOOD vs PORT ADELAIDE FRIDAY JULY 9TH 2010 Come along to the Directors Hotel, home of the S.A. Magpies (Collingwood’s Supporter Group in Adelaide), on Friday 9th July and enjoy the festivities before the game. The festivities all start from 2pm onwards with drink specials and...
  19. Primetime Pricey

    The overeaction and lets look fwd thread

    Just reading through a lot of the threads and i feel a lot of overeacting to the loss and where we are really at. I was possibly watching a different game to a lot of you but i thought the boys didnt look out of place on Friday night and we could take a fair bit away from it. Look, poor...
  20. Primetime Pricey

    Collingwood being slayed on Triple M in Adelaide

    Listening to Triple M in Adelaide and they are smashing us and our supporters for the last 30mins. They are calling me back shortly and im going to give KG a mouthful. w***ers

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