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  1. raskolnikov

    Quaden Bayles

    I'm sure most of you have seen the video of the 9 yr old who suffers from dwarfism and is being bullied. However now there are conspiracy theories going around that it is a fake and that the mother is doing it to raise money. Lots of celebrities have pledged money and a trip to Disneyland...
  2. raskolnikov

    Travel Airbnb

    I'm going to Europe for 6 weeks in April. I'm looking at using Airbnb, having never used them before. Good idea? I'm a little bit nervous to use them as I've heard some horror stories. But it seems that, especially in western Europe, it would be considerably cheaper than hotels. Anyone have any...
  3. raskolnikov

    Education & Reference Analogue Time

    I'm amazed at how many kids coming into high school these days can't tell the time on an analogue clock, despite being taught it in primary school. My 18 year old nephew who recently finished school cannot tell analogue time. With everything being digitalised and few people wearing watches...
  4. raskolnikov

    Confirming Likes

    WTF? Why? You can always unlike a post.
  5. raskolnikov

    Help List of Members

    I know there used to be a way we could see a list of members, ordered by number of posts. I can't find it. Does this still exist and how do I see it? Thanks.
  6. raskolnikov

    Family & Relationships Cousins

    I have 27 cousins. Growing up I would see most of them on a regular basis, and some of them I would say I was quite close to. Now I've pretty much lost contact with them all, apart from a few that are Facebook friends. This is partly due to the fact that I live in a different state these days...
  7. raskolnikov

    Society & Culture Flying Cars

    We've officially reached the Jetson Age.
  8. raskolnikov


    Anybody here finished or working on a PhD? I have just started mine. My thesis is in the area of Russian Literature. Looking forward to it but it's a bit daunting at the same time. Any tips or advice?
  9. raskolnikov

    Society & Culture Shops You Love

    Which shops do you regularly visit and buy from? For me there are three. Bunnings (home renos), Chemist Warehouse(supplements) and Sports Power(CrossFit clothing). Used to be JB Hi Fi also, but with CDs and DVDs going the way of the dodo not so much anymore.
  10. raskolnikov

    Health and Fitness Podcasts

    Anyone listen to any health and/or fitness podcasts that you would recommend? A couple that I listen to: Two Keto Dudes Keto for Normies The WODcast podcast (CrossFit related)
  11. raskolnikov

    Feedback Liking old posts

    Should people be able to like old posts for trolling purposes where the prediction turned out to be wrong? Surely this is no different to bumping a thread to score brownie points.
  12. raskolnikov

    Gym & Misc CrossFit

    Someone on here not long ago suggested a CrossFit thread. I thought while on holidays I might create one. For those who aren't in the know "CrossFit is promoted as both a physical exercisephilosophy and a competitive fitness sport, incorporating elements from high-intensity interval training...
  13. raskolnikov

    Society & Culture Fire Fighters and Hero Status

    Sorry to go on a Silent Alarmesque rant here but with all the bushfires around my way they have been constantly telling us on the radio and TV how brave and heroic the firefighters are. Now, I'm sure this is true in a lot of cases and kudos to those guys. However it is my experience that a lot...
  14. raskolnikov

    What things are you too old for at the age of 50?

    Having kids Changing careers Wearing your team's jumper to the footy Living with your parents Listening to techno/dance music
  15. raskolnikov

    TV The Haunting of Hill House

    Anyone watching this series on Netflix? Brilliant. Currently sitting on a 9.1 on IMDB. Great acting and genuine scares.
  16. raskolnikov

    Best Value Tablet?

    Travelling overseas next month and looking for a compact affordable tablet to take with me. Only need it for photos and so I can access the internet when there is free Wi-Fi. Suggestions?
  17. raskolnikov

    Post here if you've lost to Essendon this year.

    Welcome Handbaggers!
  18. raskolnikov

    AFL Draft Lottery

    Thinking in particular about Jacob Weitering, who seems to have become a shadow of the player he promised to be, I was wondering whether it is time to introduce an AFL draft lottery. This means that the number one ranked player does not necessarily go to the worst team. It would also remove the...
  19. raskolnikov

    Society & Culture I've never...

    They just mentioned on news how it is the 50th anniversary of the water bed and it struck me that I've never slept on a water bed. Some other things I've never done are: - flown first or business class - run a marathon - been skiing (snow or water) What are some things you haven't done? And go.
  20. raskolnikov

    Travel Using mobile phones overseas

    I'm going overseas in June, Russia and Romania. What's the go with using mobile phones overseas? I haven't been overseas for several years so not sure.

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