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  1. silverscope

    Contracted Angus Brayshaw [out of contract 2022]

    Rumour on Twitter doing the rounds Angus has toured Cockburn (Freo HQ) today. Maybe exploring trade deals with Langdon and Freo?
  2. silverscope

    Multiplat Battlefield V

  3. silverscope

    Chris Masten elbows to the throat/face

    Thoughts on this incident?
  4. silverscope

    There will be no trophy or medal presentation for the Western Derby

    No one is winning the medal or the isn't being handed out trophy. What a ******* farce.
  5. silverscope

    News Gamescom - 2017 Cologne All info above grabbed from here:
  6. silverscope

    Multiplat LawBreakers

    Official Reveal Trailer 19 minutes of Gameplay What is it? It'll be PS4 and PC only MORE INFO ON ROLES/GAMEMODES HERE:
  7. silverscope

    Multiplat Skate 4

    EA Sr manager just tweeted the hastag #skate4 It's happening!!
  8. silverscope

    Zach Merrett getting kneed in the head by Rhys Mathieson

    Anyone have video of it? Looked like he intentionally dropped the knees (not sure which Brisbane player it was, had longish hair) into him as he disposed of the ball. Surely that's a couple weeks on the sidelines? edited title to include offending players name.
  9. silverscope

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas guys! It's been a pleasure playing games with you all* this year and I hope Santa brings you the gift of time so you can work on that backlog of games. I know I need it, so many games to finish and play. *not really all of you, some of you suck
  10. silverscope

    Multiplat Dungeon Defenders 2 I really enjoyed the first one and this looks like they've added to the already great formula. Much better game played with friends. Right now it's out on Early Access Steam (FREE) and it's on the PSN store right now as a Beta but you have to pay to...
  11. silverscope

    Geelong's 20 day break

    Geelong last played a game of AFL on the 21st of June and will next play on the 11th July. This isn't to talk about why they had a break, we all know it was the right decision to cancel the game. Do you think that's an advantage or disadvantage for them? It's a long time between drinks and...
  12. silverscope

    Should Riewoldt be suspended for the head high contact to Smith?

    Serious replies only please. Riewoldt, as the tackler, has a duty of care when coming into tackle/bump another player. He caught Smith high while trying to tackle, yes I know Riewoldt came off worse for wear but he was still the instigator in this scenario and therefore responsible for the...
  13. silverscope

    Smedts and Ballantyne: How many weeks?

    First Ballantyne's bump on Taylor: Second Smedts whack to Spurr: IMO: 1 Week for both would be fair
  14. silverscope

    Quick question with regards to Private Conversations/PMs

    How do I turn of the option of an email everytime someone replies to a private conversation? I seriously can't find the option and getting 90+ emails of someone replied to the conversation is quite annoying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. silverscope

    Review It hurts man.... It hurts more than you know... (Vent here)

    I've taken a simplistic view to this. If we did the fundamentals we would have won. Kicking for goal cost us this grand final. A couple of goals to the hawks via free kicks and our horrible kicking for goal cost us our first ever premiership. Don't care about your stats or views. It's that...
  16. silverscope

    Multiplat GTA Online Gamer Tags (360 & PS3)

    JOIN THE BIGFOOTY CREW HERE Gamer Tag (BigFooty forum name) XBOX 360 - silverscope9 (silverscope) Blakes25 (benchwarmer5) six shall burn (Ed_Gein) Spirit Leve1 (Spirit Level) xXALPHAGHOSTXx (DeadlyAkkuret) SegaManAU (JR#8) johnny12303...
  17. silverscope

    Is that the best game of the season? (so far)

    I'm still shaking, what a game of football. Hard, tough, tight contest all game with the better side on the day coming out ahead. Best win in our 18 year history, without a doubt. Fremantle vs Geelong is also becoming one of the better more fierce rivalries over the last few years.
  18. silverscope

    BigFooty NBA Fantasy League 2013/14 (Season 3)

    Brah's it is that time of the year again!! Time for some fantasy basketball. The draft will be held on a similar date to last years. Sunday the 6th October at 2:00pm (AEST) Like previous years the draft...
  19. silverscope

    Universal Love Paul Duffield

    I feel he hasn't gotten enough love around here over the year. He's now a veteran and has been super consistent throughout the year, he's rarely beaten and just gets the job done week in week out. Good on you Paul!! Keep it up!
  20. silverscope

    Official Jerseys Thread Part 2 (Where Jack is King)

    I decided to create a new thread for our Jersey discussion so I could collect all the information in one spot (This Post). Including size opinions, reviews, product photo's etc. Link to original thread here JACK JERSEY - SIZES - The above is only a rough estimate...

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