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  1. BrisDog

    Analysis Life’s moments: The 16’ flag or your first born?

    With the wonderful news of Scrag having given birth to a boy this week it once again resurrects the age old question: Was winning the flag October 1, 2016 a greater personal moment for you or did having your first child trump that? I had my first (a little girl - I love her dearly) in April...
  2. BrisDog

    List Mgmt. Who can we least afford to get corona virus?

    For mine: 1. English 2. Bontempelli 3. Beverage Also, if they ban mass-gatherings because of the virus that means that the plastics get away with blue-murder again?
  3. BrisDog

    Preview Match Preview: Plastics vs Western Bulldogs 03 April 2020, Spotless Stadium.

    Things were different back in 41’. Ol’ Pa Brisdog merely benched the de-boned corpses of wild hogs, and that was after bashing their midriffs for 12 x 7 minute rounds. He would bind two equal sized corpses with a hard-timbered pole and bench press the pulverised corpses for several hundred...
  4. BrisDog

    Live Chat Toby Greene fronts the tribunal - Suspension appeal

    Toby being Toby. Will the AFL decide to look away....sorry, silly question
  5. BrisDog

    Game Day Match of the year - GWS vs Plastic Discombobulation Unit

    An ode to Spotless - Brisdog It’s almost been three years Since you made my life complete, I drained your outer wing of beer Your cider, oh so sweet. Your watering hole so pleasant A fine place for the rich, Bereft of heart and atmosphere, We made ‘The Brewery’ our bitch. Your night was full...
  6. BrisDog

    Game Day The Purple Discombobulation.

    Brisdog is not an intellectual. Growing up in the outhouse of a brothel in Elsternwick until the age of 19 is an impediment to anyone’s learning capacity. Sure, I was the youngest Son of the West to crack the ton before the age of 15 since Whitten, but unfortunately the end result was an IQ...
  7. BrisDog

    Strategy Naughton should be our number 1 key forward

    Ever bought a VK Commodore for $1200 to get it home, pop the bonnet and find a Ferrari 812 motor mounted securely within? No me neither. The Western Bulldogs however may as well have in selecting Aaron Naughton with pick number 9 in the 2017 draft. Described as an ‘athletic swingman’ (my old...
  8. BrisDog

    Toast Should Tom Liberatore make a run at politics?

    Perseverance, adversity, experience, complete lunacy - these are the qualities I look at before from a leader as I look to vote between Scott Morrisson and William J Shorten. Tom’s life has not been the most comfortable path. Living a life on one leg never is. The most difficult experience...
  9. BrisDog

    Who is the harder Campaigner? Libba Jnr or Rambo

    It wasn’t a easy life for John Rambo, Nam, PTSD from Nam (Rambo 1), then some f*cking idiot decides to send him back (Nixon), Rambo II. The bloke finally gets his life back on track rooting Vegas ladies and snorting coke off hookers tits when Reagan sends him to Afghanistan with nothing but a...
  10. BrisDog

    How can a club like ours win in the current environment?

    I just happened to glance at a tv show named ‘Married at First Sight’ whilst walking past the misses tv. A few questions: 1. What happened to mankind? 2. Do men still have the ability to cut firewood or open their own stubbie? 3. Is the world ending and if so, will we win our third flag before...
  11. BrisDog

    Review Is Marcus Bontempelli bigger that David Bowie?

    I have only cried twice in my life. The first being on the 10th of January 2016. I was having a bath on that sorrowful evening watching Matty Robbins replays on my IPad when I received a text from a mutual friend informing me that David Robert Jones, known professionally as David Bowie, passed...
  12. BrisDog

    Is the Dogs Prelim the Greatest Moment in history?

    July 29, 1969 was a monumental day in history. As Neil Armstrong placed the first footprint on the moon, like a well rehearsed stage play....the Western Suburbs erupted and everyone was relieved as Russia had lost the ‘quest to be the best’, in fact Australia were heroes as we had a telescope...
  13. BrisDog

    Rumour Welcome to being wrong about - Chad Wingard

    Mark Stevens twitter post has confirmed what many of us have suspected in recent times - Western Bulldogs is now a destination club with stars knocking down the door at the Whitten Oval! Sources have all but confirmed that Chad will be donning the famous (infamous?) # 9 next season at the...
  14. BrisDog

    Autopsy Brisbog’s Sliding Doors, Episode 1: Why didn’t someone discombobulate Darren Jarman?

    As Barrett’s ‘Sliding Doors’ segment on a Friday is frankly, a load of shit and should be boycotted, it is with great pride that today I am launching our very own Western Bulldog ‘Sliding Doors’ moments extravaganza. Our season is officially cooked, with Biggs, Roughy and co’s send off game(s)...
  15. BrisDog

    Prediction Bevo to come out of retirement and discombobulate the Demons

    Charles Alfred George Sutton is a name synonymous with the Footscray Football Club and widely regarded as the third best player in the clubs history behind Whitten and Gowers. Sutton was renown to 'shop early' and re arrange the nose and jaws of the oppositions best player - generally within...
  16. BrisDog

    Marcus Adams to discombobulate Hawthorn.

    Looking at the team line ups under my house in Brisbane drinking a few stubbies on a Friday arvo with my dog Louie, a vision occured: Marcus Adams not only intercepting 7-12 Hawthorn attacks, tomorrow evening, but catapulting the Sherrin 70 metres to the vacant wings where Schache, Richards and...
  17. BrisDog

    Ed Richards - Best First Year Player?

    Just thinking aloud - is Ed Richards a Monty for the Rising Star or are we going to do the ‘Lewy Taylor’ and give it to some hack from a club that needs PR assistance? Ed has had an amazing first year. He goes forward - sh*t happens, back - sh*t happens. He won last Friday Night off his own boot...
  18. BrisDog


    27 men on the mark for a kick after the siren - unprecedented cheating. F**king terrific.
  19. BrisDog

    Prediction Ed Richards > Brad Hardie

    Sure they both have red hair, are running half backs and.....that is where the comparison ends. Richards is chiseled like Frank Zane and fearless like Tin Tin (his look alike). Hardy was pretty well fed (pardon the pun) by Hawkins and did the runner a short time later to the Goldy. Mark...
  20. BrisDog

    The most disgraceful moment in AFL history

    6:57pm, Saturday 24 September 2016. 27 minutes into the second quarter of the Preliminary Final. Brisdog staggers towards the bar on the outer wing of Spotless stadium. A recycled cardboard cup holder in hand Brisdog pushes past a couple of GWS plastic witches hats (supporters) and politely...

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