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  1. psychobrown

    Recommend ONE tv & Movie for isolation

    Firefly Serenity
  2. psychobrown

    2019-20 Big Bash League

    Aye, lots and lots of empty seats, basically no atmosphere at all in these "finals". Like the last season of Lost they really want you to feel it's important but people stopped giving a rass.
  3. psychobrown

    Play Nice Rance Retirement

    Stellar career by the Rancer, really disappointed he missed out on a second premiership. One of my favourite religious players of all time and will easily make the JW team of the century. His spoiling will prepare him well for the doorknocking ahead, he will be in line as one of the 144k for sure.
  4. psychobrown

    Australia v New Zealand 1st Test at Perth December 12-16

    Ah Tim Lame, without your overdescriptions how would I ever interpret what my own eyes see
  5. psychobrown

    Vale Bob Willis

    Yeah, was terrific for English cricket as a player and personality. I always enjoyed his candour and self-deprecating humour, some of the many things I shared in common with him along with our mutual dislike of brummies. His commentary career was insightful, such as calling out umpires like...
  6. psychobrown

    Bradman wouldn't score a run today

    In England he could. Not even David Warner can do that.
  7. psychobrown

    Liam Ryan subjected to vile racist abuse (again) - West Coast and AFL respond.

    Yep, good to name and shame. If it ruins his life and prospects and he has to look over his shoulder for the next few years, so be it.
  8. psychobrown

    Mainstream was Coolest in the 80s??

    Yes I believe so, even the corny synthpop songs from the 80s were more entertaining than most Top 40 now. They still had to have some musical ability back then even as it was becoming more digitised, they were good at song composition and constructing hooks and importantly also made their...
  9. psychobrown

    Opinion Nick Reiwoldt - The Flawed Champion

    Yes there will be questions about his straight shooting but he was a very prominent spearhead and was more than a handful for a defender, as we saw. He was smooth to the ball, usually got both hands to it and was good at creating spillage for his teammates in the front half.
  10. psychobrown

    Favourite/least favourite players to watch.

    Aus: The Waugh Boys, Dean Jones, Adam Gil Christ, Shane Warne, Michael Bevan, Andrew Symonds, Ian Harvey, Glenn Maxwell Smart, Tony Dottedmaid Eng: - Ind: Kobra Kohli, Sourav Ginganguly, Mohammad Azharrudin (watch him very closely ;) ), MS Dhoni, Javigal Srinath, V.V.V. Laxman, Vinod Kambli NZ...
  11. psychobrown

    Fyfe vs Dusty

    Nathaniel the Fyfe for mine
  12. psychobrown

    Live Chat 2019 Brownlow Medal - Event Day

    Flyin' Ryan on stage reminded me of a Best Foreign Picture winner from Japan
  13. psychobrown

    Play Nice Toby Greene

    Karate Kid part III
  14. psychobrown

    Game Day Collingwood v GWS Giants - Preliminary Finals — Sat 21 Sep, 4:35PM AEST, MCG

    Umpires did their best to get the home team over the line but Giants just irrepressible in the end
  15. psychobrown

    Game Day West Coast Eagles v Essendon, Finals Week 1 - 18:10 AWST, Sep 05, 2019

    Starting to bury dese cockroaches now
  16. psychobrown

    2019 4th Ashes Test 2019 Old Trafford

    iono Mark, that seemed plum sauce. Another review gone missing anyway. Marco. Polo.
  17. psychobrown

    Movie Rate the Ridley Scott directed movies

    Alien - A+ Blade Runner - A+ Legend - B+ [Tim Curry, Rob Bottin, Assheton Gorton A+] Someone to Watch Over Me - B Black Rain - B Thelma & Louise - B+ 1492 - B [Adrian Biddle & Vangelis A+] G.I. Jane - C+ Gladiator - A Black Hawk Down - B- Matchstick Men - B+ Kingdom of Heaven - C+ American...

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