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  1. Orange Agent

    List Mgmt. 'Retiring' whilst under contract

    It's time the AFL made some rules regarding this. Due diligence is the buyers responsibility in everything outside of the AFL world. Buy a shitty used car that breaks down after a month, you are responsible for fixing it. Buy a house that starts falling apart after a year, you are responsible...
  2. Orange Agent

    Contracted Jack Silvagni [OOC 2022]

    No doubt the last week would not have gone unnoticed by the Blues powerbrokers. Unless he plays some unbelievable footy this year, there would good odds on him being on the chopping block, or he might ask to be traded. He cops some criticism on here, but I think he is a decent role player...
  3. Orange Agent

    ppFonediary. ????

    Recieved a text message from this company, kinda obscure details, it had a registration number and reciept number and time and date. Anybody know who they are and what they do. Internet tells me they are a service provider which doesn't seem right. I have had no prior contact with them...
  4. Orange Agent

    Vlaustin elbow on Parker

    Intentional, High contact. Medium or low impact differs between 1 or 2 weeks.
  5. Orange Agent

    Hands off bitchez Another big name resists the millions on offer and stays true to the orange force. You just wish your clubs list managers could get deals done like we do. While bottom 8 clubs are having their best players walk out on them we go from...
  6. Orange Agent

    The 'tight cap'.

    This is what the media have told us all throughout the year regarding Port. March 2017 April 2017 June 2017...
  7. Orange Agent

    Feedback Linking to post within current page not working.

    The little arrow that jumps to a post is also not working, noticed it a few days ago.
  8. Orange Agent

    Think Tank Josh Kelly tells VFL relic clubs to GAGF Another Giant takes unders to stay. Read it and weep flogs. Go cry into your warchests peasants.
  9. Orange Agent

    MRP report Rd. 22 I remembered the Redden one after the game thinking he would be lucky to get away with that but couldnt remember the players name and never saw a thread. After watching the replay I am shocked he hasnt get more...
  10. Orange Agent

    Uncontracted Jack Redpath

    May have played his last game at the Dogs. Has always taken 1 year contracts as he believed it made him continue to work hard for his spot on the list, has a 1 year contract on the table but believe Carlton are sniffing around as a Casboult replacement and have offered him 2 years. Would think...
  11. Orange Agent

    Massive MCG news And yet the goal review cameras are still a massive joke. Good work guys.
  12. Orange Agent

    Brad Scott

    The Hun had an article during the week how Collingwood and GC are somehow ready to poach this guy. Can someone explain this to me? What has he ever achieved as a coach that would place him in such demand. I thought last year he shopped himself to Brisbane but even they said 'no thanks'...
  13. Orange Agent

    Uncontracted Harry McKay [re-signed]

    Cant get a game ahead of the likes of Levi Casboult, for a young player this must be incredibly frustrating and one must wonder how long you put up with lack of opportunity of that nature. For a club balls deep in rebuild mode its a bit of a headscratcher, I note he was listed as 'rested' for...
  14. Orange Agent

    Koby Stevens tackle

    After all the talk of Mumford last week, here and on the main board, this one is not even a talking point? I would say the difference here is Libba lost his footing in the tackle and Mumford fell on him. Stevens has slung Wilson from one side of his body to the other and into the turf and...
  15. Orange Agent

    Giro Thread

    This might be a quiet one because its only on Eurosport, only watched the last few k's. Hard to believe what did happen though, Orica really missed out, Ewan looked strong in the sprint for second, but the lead out really stuffed up by not closing the gap to the winner. Every credit to him it...

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