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  1. LB#16

    NBA Expansion and Relocation

    We all know about Seattle and the storied events of their SuperSonics being taken to OKC by Clay Bennett and Howard Schultz resulting in the birth of the Thunder. If you haven't, the documentary Sonicsgate is worth a look. Fresh rumours popped up recently on the chances of them returning...
  2. LB#16

    Current Orlando Night Club Shooting

    Horrible scenes unfolding in Florida. 20 shot, multiple hostages still in the venue. Suspect could be wearing explosives.
  3. LB#16

    Broken iPod Touch

    I had an iPod Touch and it broke, then they sent me a new one (under extended warranty) and after 6 weeks the replacement has pretty much died. Turned it off before I went to bed then got up in the morning and I held down the button on the top to turn it on and it didn't turn on after 20 or so...
  4. LB#16

    NRL - Round 8

    FRI. April 30 - Eels vs Bulldogs - ANZ Stadium, Sydney, 7.35pm. FRI. April 30 - Broncos vs Knights - Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, 7.35pm. SAT. May 1 - Warriors vs Raiders - Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, 5.00pm. SAT. May 1 - Titans vs Panthers - Skilled Park, Gold Coast, 5.30pm. SAT. May 1 - Cowboys...
  5. LB#16

    Reality hits Dawks like a train.

    Losing to WCE by 23 on the road may be tough. But losing by 64 in Melbourne against the serial flag pretenders Collingwood??? WOAHHHH.... That must suck when you realise the top 4 you all thought would be a certainty mystically disappears into thin air. Enlighten me, Hawthorn flogs :o

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