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  1. scotty13

    Opinion 2021 State of Origin

    Not sure how, as a born and bred Territorian that makes me entitled. The 'Allies' helped to kill SOO. no surprise that 4years after they were introduced SOO ceased to exist (now I know there were many other factors at play here. Also, a NSW or Qld or Tas or ACT or NT side would get thumped by...
  2. scotty13

    Opinion 2021 State of Origin

    How so?
  3. scotty13

    Who Should Be In The Hall Of Fame, and Who Should Be A Legend?

    Yes, everyone will have their own legends. Having recognised 'legends' of the game I have no problem with... but lets not make it vic centric and lets not have too many of them to make the status deminished. Now Im going to provide the stats of 2 players here. I understand stats are only part...
  4. scotty13

    Expansion Alternate AFL World 1987

    There is no reason why it wouldn't. I agree, if the AFL turned around tomorrow and said a relegation system will be inplace from the 2021 season moving forward it wouldn't work. However, 30yrs ago if a truely national competition was created and a relegation/promotion system was set up then...
  5. scotty13

    Opinion 2021 State of Origin

    It was an example... Not saying that is the order of the games... but that is the games.
  6. scotty13

    If you had to live the rest of your life in another country, where would you choose.

    Can I just have my own country? Give me a tropical island... I will call it Scottland. Give me a few inhabitants of the island. 2 to be my wives, 2 Concubines, some 'help', a gardener and a farmer. I will need access to the internet and Kayo sports so i can still watch footy, cricket and golf...
  7. scotty13

    Who Should Be In The Hall Of Fame, and Who Should Be A Legend?

    HOF is a bit of a wank fest tbh. Players/Coaches/Admin that shouldn't be there are. Players/Coaches/Admin that should be in are not because they don't hail from the 'great state' of Victoria. Often emotion plays a role in inducting someone because feels or they a good bloke. There are too many...
  8. scotty13

    Opinion 2021 State of Origin

    If SOO was to return it can only be 3 sides. SA, WA and Vic. Don't bring Allies bullshit into it. The Allies concept is what helped to kill off SOO in the first place. Would have to work on a rotation system, so maybe year 1: SA v WA. Year 2: WA v Vic, year 3: Vic v SA, year 4: Final.
  9. scotty13

    Expansion Alternate AFL World 1987

    In a real alternate AFL world, the VFL wouldn't be the basis of the AFL, rather a truely national competition would be formed which would include multiple sides from various states and territories, a 'fixture' where everyone plays each other twice (or a conference style fixture). We would also...
  10. scotty13

    Adelaide United FC 2019/2020 Thread - 2019 FFA Cup Champions (Kings of the Cup)

    Good old Adelaide :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy:
  11. scotty13

    Fox Footy, Kayo or Ch7?

    Had Kayo since the start. Was ok-poor while I was ADSL with like 4mbps speed. Since I switched to 5G, has worked like a charm :)
  12. scotty13

    Sheffield Shield Round 7: South Australia v Western Australia @ Adelaide Oval

    Are SA collapsing here to give WA a good chance at a win?
  13. scotty13

    Play Nice AFL Womens - General Discussion

    Quirky stat from the opening round and a half in the AFLW: 10 teams have had more free kicks in a game than total score they have achieved in the game. With 2 games to go in round two, this could quickly become 12 teams.
  14. scotty13

    Cricket Discussion - Part 2

    Im glad Head wasn't in India... I don't care about a 3-game series that means nothing... but I do care about the BBL and how the Strikers are going. If we had no Head in the last game... not only would we have lost to the Hurricanes, but what would the mrs have done during the match...
  15. scotty13

    BBL|09 Game 34: Melbourne Stars v Sydney Sixers @ MCG 12th Jan 2020 7:10pm

    What an innings by Stoinis and the Stars... Can't see them losing this from here. Gotta get early wickets to beat them... Im sure if you get 5 or 6 wickets in the powerplay you will beat them ;)
  16. scotty13

    BBL|09 Game 33: Adelaide Strikers v Melbourne Renegades @ Adelaide Oval 12th Jan 2020 3:40pm AEDT

    Geez the Strikers are frustrating... Head took 1-5 off his first over... Why isn't he continuing to bowl? instead lets bowl Nesser who goes for 20 off his over. 2 games ago Short took 0/5 off the first over in the match... yet wasn't bowled again for the game... Nesser went for 12/over, Conway...
  17. scotty13

    List Mgmt. Trade Targets / Rumours Part 2

    But Cripps has said that the club got a 1st round draft pick for Dougal as they wanted... which means Dougal for pick 18 (being generous) so then we gave pick 10 and Ryder for pick 12???
  18. scotty13

    List Mgmt. Trade Targets / Rumours Part 2

    It has probably been discussed, but without internet for the last few days and not wanting to scroll through 93 pages... can someone help me out please. We give Howard, Ryder and Pick 10 + future 4th round We get Pick 12 and Pick 18 + future 3rd round. At the start of the period the club said...
  19. scotty13

    Preview 2020 Fixture

    I would like our double ups to be: Rich Hawks Ess Crows Freo Good chance that with those double ups we wont have a 50% win record. If we get Brisbane North Dogs Adel GC Then we are likely to win more than half which could mean we keep Ken.
  20. scotty13

    Do we utilise the Magpies enough?

    Just wondering if we as a club have the correct formula with how we utilise the Magpies as our 'reserve' team. Im not sure how other AFL clubs manage their reserves, but surely our record shows we are doing something wrong. 2019 A.R. McLean medallist - J. Trengove - Delisted in 2019. 2018 A.R...

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