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    AFL Season Solution. 3 Part in 3 Rotating Regions. Gives Flexibility and cuts travel

    Here is the solution for the AFL Season 2020. Split the 18 teams into 3 Groups of 6. First Rotation 6 Teams in Victoria (MCG & Etihad) 6 Teams in Northern Territory (Darwin & Alice Springs) 6 Teams in Tasmania (Launceston & Hobart) Yes - get special dispensation from Tasmania & NT but I'm...
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    Presenting the Norm Smith Medal

    Does anyone have a list of everyone who's presented the Norm Smith Medal? I hear there is a system/process they follow with this presentation with past award winners ala Simon Black this year because he won it in 2003 for instance.
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    If Adelaide & Port Adelaide finish with exactly the same For, Against & Percentage... Wildcard Playoff?

    Have a look at the current Ladder will you...... 8. Adelaide 1689 cf. 1640 (+49) 102.99% ------------------------------------------------- 9. Port Adelaide 1696 cf. 1647 (+49) 102.98% Given how amazingly close that is - how are they separated at the end of the year for Draft order? Or...
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    Last time Carlton & Melbourne finished Bottom 3.....

    It was 2007 and the final ladder standings were: 14. Melbourne (5 wins - 20pts) 15. Carlton (4 wins - 16pts) 16. Richmond (3 wins & 1 draw - 14pts) - Wooden Spoon and a Premiership within a decade. Before that it was 2003 and the final ladder...
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    Ablett (& Tuck) Family Goals... (& Williamson)

    Following on from another thread I was looking at comparing 'Family Duos' for Goals showing a race between the 'Gary Abletts' and the Riewoldt Cousins to be the first 'Family Duo' to 1,500 Goals - Riewoldts are favourites... Here is the Ablett (& Tuck) Family Goals - plus Alf Williamson. Gary...
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    Post "Brisbane Lions" Threepeat Era (2004-2018)

    Although this year's Grand Final (& Preliminary Finals) were hailed as the 'End of the Hawthorn-Geelong-Sydney era of dominance' I have my doubts, and its also worth considering that Collingwood & West Coast have been the next 2 best performed teams over the last 15 years. RANKING BY...
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    Swans v GWS Giants Semi-Final or Preliminary Final at ANZ Stadium

    Obviously these two teams could play in the Finals. Could they play again at ANZ? Is it still possible? Anyone know? They haven't started the reconfiguration yet have they???
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    Interchange: Q1 (4). Q2 (8). Q3 (12). Q4 (16). Total 40 In-play.

    The original point of the interchange bench was to replace injured players. It is now being used to combat fatigue. Not the original purpose which allows for the rolling mauls. So how about structure the interchange bench to reflect the progress of fatigue through a match. Quarter 1: 4...
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    5 "Draft Games" to trial rules in the 'Bye Week'. 18v17, 16v15, 14v13, 12v11, 10v9.

    How about they get the Bottom 10 to “play for draft picks”. 10v9 12v11 14v13 16v14 18v17 Five winners get the higher draft pick (of the two teams I mean) in the first round of the draft. You give the home game to the lower placed team. You can trial all the rules you want in these five games...
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    Home & Away Crowd Records (By Average)

    1. 2008 - Average (36,996). Total of 6,511,255. 2. 2010 - Average (36,908). Total of 6,495,814. 3. 2007 - Average (36,793). Total of 6,475,521. 4. 2009 - Average (36,195). Total of 6,370,401. 5. 2005 - Average (35,703). Total of 6,283,788. 6. 2006 - Average (35,250). Total of 6,204,056. 7. 2011...
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    Who Wins? Abletts or Riewoldts? Most Goals for a related duo.....

    So watching Jack close in on 600 Goals (which almost guarantees membership of the AFL Hall of Fame - what is the VFL/AFL's greatest Goal-kicking (closely) related duo? As in Brothers, Father-Sons, or First Cousins. A quick glance shows me this (All of these "duos" that have kicked at least...
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    AFL needs to average crowds of 37,111 over the last six rounds to hit 7 million spectators for the Home & Away season for the first time ever. The AFL is well on track to an All-Time Record Home & Away attendance (just needs to average 32,187 for a new record). Can the AFL hit 7 million...
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    Jason Daniels a Saints Legend now?!?!? Really?

    First off - Jason Daniels isn't a Saints Legend - for a very obvious reason (Hi Saints Corporate) - he never played for St. Kilda. However - Jayson Daniels did - and I don't really think anyone would classify Jayson as a Legend! Really!! Jason Blake - great bloke - but Legend!! Really - how...
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    Forget Tasmania. Forget Wellington. GO LARGE. Go San Diego Saints.

    St. Kilda has made a habit out of making half-hearted commitments to places - Tasmania, Moorabbin, Wellington NZ, Seaford.... Why do we do this? Whatever - despite these mistakes - the club has an ally in current AFL boss Gillon McLachlan and it should leverage McLachlan's support while he's...
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    Time for Michael Roach in the AFL Hall of Fame 2018????

    A question for Richmond supporters. Isn't it time 2-Time Coleman Medalist (1980 & 1981) & Richmond Premiership Player (1980) and 7-Time Richmond Leading Goal-kicker (1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987) was inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame?
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    Biggest back-to-back drought breakers? 2016 - WB (62yrs) & 2017 -Tigers (37 years) - 99 Years?

    Only back-to-back Demons/Saints Flags could top the last 2 years surely?
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    Leon Cameron and Preliminary Finals (1992, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017)

    You've got to give Cameron credit - he's a consistent performer but has a dire record in Preliminary Finals. Footscray (1992) Western Bulldogs (1997, 1998) Richmond (2001) Western Bulldogs (Assistant) (2008, 2009, 2010) Hawthorn (Assistant) (2011) GWS Giants (Coach) (2016, 2017). 11...
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    Does History Repeat? Ala 1975?

    The last time a team lost its last two games and finished top of the Ladder was in 1975 with Hawthorn. That year the team that finished 3rd got up for a drought-breaking Premiership. That being North Melbourne breaking a 50 year drought. But, history never repeats does it.....?
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    Daicos v Bews - First time since 1993

    Collingwood 17.11.113 Geelong 15.13.103 Good game. Peter Daicos kicked 8 goals in this game. Could we see a repeat today?
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    AFL praying Port Adelaide & GWS Giants win this week

    If either of these teams lose it'll ruin Round 23 quite a bit.

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