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    It's confirmed, Patton has done the ACL in his right knee...

    GWS twitter has announced it. I was at the game and heard him yell when he came down. Terrible news.
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    What do you like/want in a commentator

    Everyone loves bagging Bruce for his... sexual innuendoes, and BT for his general weirdness, but what do you like in a commentator?
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    Does EB Games price-match?

    I received an EB Games gift card for Christmas worth 80 bucks. I am looking to buy FIFA 14 on the xbox one. At EB Games it is worth 100 bucks At JB Hifi it is worth 80 bucks. So.. yeah, do EB Games price-match? :D Thanks in advance
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    Not sure on what team to follow (EPL)

    I like watching soccer and am not unfamiliar to the sport, but I am very unfamiliar with the league and what every team is like. I usually have a particular reason for following a football team (dad goes for Melbourne for example) Could you guys help me out or maybe even persuade me to...
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    PC Indie Games

    I, for one, love Indie games. There are some games with really great concepts and ideas out there and I thought I would make a thread devoted to Indie games. What Indie games are you guys playing/recently played?
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    Discussion 2014 DPP Players

    We are seeing a lot of players playing down back and also up forward. With the likes of Walker and Bartel going down back, and also Dangerfield and Swan up forward. Now with the struggles in the backline this year, and a few minor headaches up forward, I ask you guys this question: Who (at...
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    The future of Australian Basketball feat. Thon Maker

    Ben Simmons Ben Simmons 6'9" 230, SF/PF, Melbourne, Australia, Montverde Academy 2015 - Simmons took the U.S. high school basketball scene by storm by dominating the 2012 Pangos All American Camp. He moved to the United States this past year to suit up for Coach Kevin Boyle at Montverde...
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    Family & Relationships Bigfooty Pets

    It's probably been done before, but I searched for a while and couldn't find it. I am an animal/pet enthusiast and it always interests me to talk about different pets. Do you have any pets? Post description/pictures/breed etc if you want. Awkward for me that I don't have access to pictures...
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    Win Prizes The Official Kwame Brown Free Agency Thread

    None of this Chris Paul or Dwight Howard shit, this is the REAL talk of the off season. Every team is chomping at the bit to pick him up. I would love him to come to the Sacramento Kings so he can bring some... uhh.... stuff to the team.
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    Sacramento Kings Thread

    I saw the Bulls, Wolves and Pelicans (lol) with their own threads so why not make a kings one. There is a lot to talk about i.e. Owners, draft, the seattle sanaga. The main question on my mind is who do we want most in this years draft? The obvious answer, for me at least, is Noel. But if he...
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    Other NBA 2K13 - Brooklyn Nets Fantasy Draft Association

    I decided to do a fantasy draft. Makes it fun. Pick 7 - Kyrie Irving We managed to get lucky and pull off the #7 pick. Kyrie Irving is the future of the NBA. Arguably the best PG scorer in the whole league. Knows when to pass as well. No brainer. Pick 54 - Joakim Noah Will be the...
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    Richmond's midfield vs North's midfield

    Having a bit of banter with a mate. North supporter. Thinks their midfield is better than Richmond's and I think not. Thoughts? p.s don't know if this thread is in the wrong place. apologies if so
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    Which AFL midfielder would you think would be the best NBA player?

    I was going to say AFL player, but then I thought inb4nicnat So I made this. I'm bored shut up
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    The Jack Riewoldt Memorial Society of Good Players who Surprisingly don't dominate Melbourne

    Was going through the Kent Kingsley Memorial Society of Spuds Who Play Well Against Melbourne. Thought it was a good idea so why not?
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    Rumour Demons involved in drug scandal

    YAY lets take it up the ass by the media again! MOD NOTE: opposition posters, tread carefully. We've put up with plenty of crap in the last few months/years/decades and will not hesitate...
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    Other Rebuilding the Orlando Magic

    Rebuilding the Orlando Magic (Please note: Played in NBA 2K12, 29 game seasons, first season will be simulated to keep up with real time) Going into a tough off-season, the Orlando Magic have decided to head in a new direction and believe formerly unknown coach and GM, Zac Nelson...

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