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  1. Atavistic

    Multiplat AFL Evolution 2 - Launch thread - digital release 9th April

    This happened to me too. Overnight package and it took them three weeks to deliver it, but damned if I was going to do their job for them and pick it up. I just bugged their customer service people as much as I could until they delivered it. fu** them.
  2. Atavistic

    Science/Environment Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Pandemic Declared - Part 2

    Would be in breach of social distancing rules, so you'd still get a fine. $1600 per murder... could be worth it.
  3. Atavistic

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VII

    Harsh on Crauf. He hasn't played a bad game since he got here.
  4. Atavistic

    Conspiracy Theory Coronavirus

    His smile in the context of the discussion is creepy af. He almost looks happy about being in the middle of a pandemic.
  5. Atavistic

    Health Coronavirus 2020 / Worldwide (Stats live update in OP)

    I really doubt the government has any idea when it will all be over. Probably the sooner we get into full lockdown, the sooner it will become clear. I'd like to get back to work myself, and these idiots acting as though a pandemic is nothing to be worried about is ironically only going to delay...
  6. Atavistic

    Play Nice 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 11: Just Biden His Time

    "It's been approved" is not the same as saying it has been approved by the FDA for use in treating coronavirus.
  7. Atavistic

    Rumour Roos players "wild" Corona Party

    We're just all very upset about the idea of North players having fun.
  8. Atavistic

    14 days quarantine, but you can only take 3 games

    Witcher 3 Red Dead 2 Age of Empires 3 (but only multiplayer).
  9. Atavistic

    Conspiracy Theory Coronavirus

    Well, he's contributed nothing to the world so far, apart from imposing his vile, anachronistic views on everyone. I think this is the only time I've hoped there isn't an afterlife.
  10. Atavistic

    Prediction Do you believe the AFL will ever be the same again?

    Has to pay people to fu** up its website.
  11. Atavistic

    Discussion Round 1 Discussion

    1636. It's amazing how a completely shit score can get me around 200th place. 69 days to think about my trades...
  12. Atavistic

    Opinion Official RDT Vent your spleen thread

    fu** you, coronavirus, you dickface campaigner.
  13. Atavistic

    AFL Match Day stats page is just awful.

    They are methodically stripping away functionality bit by bit, discovering what works and then taking it away. And someone is getting paid to do this.
  14. Atavistic

    Discussion Round 1 Discussion

    Brad Ebert smashing it. Next year I will overlook the young guns and simply opt for one of Port's geriatric midfielders. Boak, Ebert, Rockliff all gunning it. :rolleyes:
  15. Atavistic

    Discussion Round 1 Discussion

    Georgiades (bench) looks like he could outscore Brayshaw. :( There's always some rookie who shows fu** all in the preseason comp and then goes on to smash it in the regular season.
  16. Atavistic

    Discussion Round 1 Discussion

    It's good none of us fell for the Chayce Jones trap.
  17. Atavistic

    Toast Rnd 1: 6 Point win against Freo

    Hawthorne, sorry.
  18. Atavistic

    Toast Rnd 1: 6 Point win against Freo

    Are we playing Blankety Blanks?
  19. Atavistic

    Toast Rnd 1: 6 Point win against Freo

    Still not good enough for Hawthorn.
  20. Atavistic

    Discussion Round 1 Discussion

    So the guy I threw in as an afterthought (B Smith) outscored my guns in Dunkley and Crisp. :(

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