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  1. The Dingrel

    Delisted free agents worthy of a look?

    With the list changes we’ve made, total of 12 players finishing up (9 senior list and 3 rookies) how do people see us filling those spots? We have 4 senior players come in, should land Thomas and Scott, need to draft at least another speculative player with late draft pick. Given our picks are...
  2. The Dingrel

    2018 Syd Barker. Preseason Calls

    im on LMAC
  3. The Dingrel

    Harley Bennell

    What are people's thoughts should we be interested if he and the Suns decide to part company? Yes? No? How about the club though from a moral, good citizen perspective? Thoughts?
  4. The Dingrel

    List Mgmt. Up and coming key forwards

    Drew has been the mainstay of the fwd line but isn't getting any younger and let's say age dictates his output this time next year has slid from present levels and retirement looks imminent. The game style has changed and slower ball movement makes life more difficult for key forwards, and so...

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