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  1. NitroFan

    Movie Halloween

    I completely forgot they were making this. Actually looks pretty good. This is basically a sequel to the original. In this 'universe' everything after that didn't happen.
  2. NitroFan

    RIP Anthony Bourdain
  3. NitroFan

    TV Behave Yourself

    Wtf is this shit? One of the worst shows I've seen.
  4. NitroFan

    Lawler suspended

    Jerry Lawler has been suspended after an alleged domestic assault incident with his girlfriend
  5. NitroFan

    Ali and wrestling
  6. NitroFan

    Highspots streaming free one month. PWG, shoots etc

    thought some people might be interested in this. sign up at with the coupon code WEWATCHWRESTLING and get a free month. they have most PWG shows (i think missing the most recent 5 or 6) as well as PWG best ofs (including Sami Zayn), other promotions like Rev...
  7. NitroFan

    Jimmy Snuka charged with murder
  8. NitroFan

    Jurassic World

    with the trailer being released and a bit of discussion happening in the movie trailer thread i thought this could probably do with its own.
  9. NitroFan

    2014 HoF Thread. *Raw Spoilers throughout*

    well with The Ultimate Warrior being announced for the 2014 'Hall of whoever the hell we can find that doesnt hate vince/vince doesnt hate him/needs some money and was at some point involved somehow in wrestling to have a nice feel good evening and help sell a few more WM DVDs' i thought we may...
  10. NitroFan

    Non-WWE/TNA thread

    thought i'd start this thread to post whatever news/videos/anything that isnt to do with the above two companies. i saw a poster today for a show in Ballarat featuring Paul London and Brian Kendrick next weekend. seriously thinking about heading along to my first local show. will be strange...
  11. NitroFan

    Wrestling Podcast Thread

    Stone Cold has his own podcast My favourite bit from the first episode is when he says his movies are just like Clooney's and Pitt's except they go straight to DVD so you dont have to fu** around going to the cinema.
  12. NitroFan

    Bet on WWE $3.60 for Cena to beat Ziggler...
  13. NitroFan

    War books

    I'm looking for some reading about the 2 WW's and the Vietnam War. Anyone have any recommendations as to what books are the best?
  14. NitroFan

    09 ANDRA Nationals - Sep 11-13 Western Sydney Dragway

    Any other drag racing fans around here? Heading up for this on Thursday night and can't wait. Haven't been to the drags since the funny cars at Willowbank in January and haven't been to WSID for well over year. Going with some mates that haven't been to the drags since the Calder Park days...
  15. NitroFan

    Ever wonder what happened to the house Bret Hart bought from Monty Burns?

    Some guy did, so he asked the leading experts in wrestling, Dave Meltzer and Brian Alvarez...
  16. NitroFan

    Question regarding mail redirection

    Long story as to how it all came about, but I'm expecting a couple of packages from America to arrive in a few weeks at an address that will no longer be inhabited by anyone (if it's even still standing). I will be getting my mail redirected to another address. On the AusPost website it says...
  17. NitroFan

    TV CSI on Nine

    So just when I think maybe FTA stations are slowly pulling their heads out of their asses with CSI airing less than a week after the US, Nine goes and plays a repeat instead of a new episode for what I'm assuming is the end of the ratings period. So does anyone have any idea when they'll return...
  18. NitroFan

    TV 24 Day 7 Trailer Shit yeah.
  19. NitroFan

    No Change to both teams!....just announced

    Listening to 3AW and they're saying there's a "groundswell of information from people who should know" that Varcoe is out. Apparently they got the "wait for the team sheet" line from the club. Personally I hope it's not true. I'm a big fan of Trav.
  20. NitroFan

    RIP Scott Kalitta

    A very sad day for drag racing, and motorsport. I logged on to a drag racing forum I visit and read the headline "Scott Kalitta Succumbs To Injuries" and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I hadn't even heard about the accident happening. I'll never forget the Boxing Day event here in Australia...

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