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    How to accept defeat with grace, class and dignity - Fremantle Style Have they...
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    Jake Carlisle

    Is a systematic doper, is a campaigner on the field with sledging about women that are out of his league, is a soft footballer and has terrible tattoos that make him look like a bogan country footballer. You can't get any worse surely? St Kilda should delist this dickhead immediately, immense damage...
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    Petrie to West Coast = Carnage

    Potentially the recruiting coup of the millennium could still happen with agile, skillful, youthful and certainly not past it big man Drew Petrie still a chance to join the most powerful club financially and professionally in the business. That's right flogs, this will be even bigger than...
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    List of Brownlow Medalists in the AFL era that are inferior to Matthew Priddis

    Trent Cotchin Patrick Dangerfield Nat Fyfe Gary Ablett Jnr Sam Mitchell (cause hawf) Trent Cotchin Dane Swan Chris Judd (Carlton version) Adam Cooney Jimmy Bartel Adam Goodes Trent Cotchin Nathan Buckley Mark Ricciuto Simon Black Jason Akermanis Shane Woewodin Shane Crawford Robert Harvey James...
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    Cat flogs gang up on a rookie then get embarrassed This sure worked out well for Mackie and the other flogs, big heroes ganging up on a rookie then losing to Collingwood, rookie Cox even kicking a running goal. How...
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    yo poort flogs

    Your team is very shit, or in to put it in Indonesian sangat sampah, so we will therefore absolutely belt your flogs next week, in your rubbish recession hit city. Get ready to be flat tracked back to Football Park and your precious tarps. WCE by 80, Priddis 3 votes. Beats28772 John Hart Jnr...
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    Freo losing is the best result for humanity

    West Coast, Gold Coast and the Dogs overcoming the PP and their negative boring ass game plan was the best result possible for humanity What happened tonight will be the pattern for the rest of the year, Freo tried and tried to drag the Eagles down to their shitness, with spuds like Suban, de...
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    Think Tank Carlton 2015 in images =

    Please discuss, contribute, or divvy - as Carlton should be.

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