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  1. Always Ballin

    Being tall, handsome and well hung has ruined my life

    Follow-up to a thread I made a few years back >> So I'm pretty much the perfect physical specimen — 6-3, 315 pounds with 8% BF (dexa scan, not skin calipers.) I also have an incredibly handsome face, and a world...
  2. Always Ballin

    Real Talk: Terry Wallace Is The Real Mastermind Of The Current Richmond Dynasty

    I knew that mid to late 2000's era was not for nothing. Excellent drafting. Dimma just inherited it.
  3. Always Ballin

    What is the worst game you have ever watched?

    Nothing tops the 06 Adelaide-Richmond bloodbath. Terry Wallace at his epic best. "In a 10-minute period, there were only 12 contested possessions among 55."
  4. Always Ballin

    Brisbane the Breakout team of 2019?

    This is what lots seem to be projecting/predicting. They showed signs of good football during the season. Picked up good pieces in Free Agency. I was tempted to call them the "sleeper team of 2019" but I don't think that fits given the buzz around them going into 2019. What are realistic...
  5. Always Ballin

    Just saying. ;)
  6. Always Ballin

    What teams will shoot back up the ladder in 2019?

    I like Adelaide to get back up the top 5-6 region. The wagon really fell apart on them in 2018... Still won 12 with a solid percentage. Clustered with North, Essendon and Port... Healthy and in form they are well above those teams. I would not be surprised if Adelaide is top 4 in 2019. As a...
  7. Always Ballin

    West Coast underachieved the last two years, always had this in them

    Really dumb of Walls and others on this forum suggesting we'd fall off. Most of the breakout 2015 team core is still here. More matured, primed. Free agency pieces like Yeo, Jetta, Redden took time to find their feet. 2016 we never hit our top gear, sleepwalked through the season, still...
  8. Always Ballin

    2015 Eagles vs. 2018 Eagles

    Both teams fully healthy Who do you take? IMO 2018 Core of the 2015 team is more matured, primed in 2018..
  9. Always Ballin

    Did the new stadium help us playing at the MCG?

    I am pretty sure we were undefeated there in 2018. Dramatic turnaround in form compared to the last few years. Off the top of my head, our losses... Sydney @ Optus Sydney @ SCG Adelaide @ Adelaide Oval Essendon @ Optus Melbourne @ Optus North @ Tasmania or some shit As far as who we played at...
  10. Always Ballin

    West Coast Supporters have that "well endowed" energy

    Swole like a burrito.
  11. Always Ballin

    If the Eagles can somehow come back from the impossible.. insurmountable...

    Greatest GF comeback EVER.
  12. Always Ballin

    Most Improved Player of 2018?

    Gee Jack Redden is in career best form. Took him a couple seasons to really get going here. Has really elevated his game.
  13. Always Ballin

    Best Teams of the AFL Era (1990-2018)

    1. Hawthorn (5 Premierships, 6 GF appearances) 2. West Coast (3 Premierships*, 6 GF appearances) 3. Geelong (3 Premierships, 7 GF appearances) 4. Brisbane (3 Premierships, 4 GF appearances) *Potentially 4 next week Top 4 is cemented. The next few are Essendon, Collingwood, Adelaide, North...
  14. Always Ballin


    Greatest team of the modern era!
  15. Always Ballin

    Has the top end talent of the league declined?

    IMO the 2000's era top end talent was far superior. You got old corpses from the 00's like Ablett and Franklin still dominating, getting it done... And it's nearly 2020. Most of the 90's guys were well cooked by the early 2000's.
  16. Always Ballin

    2015 Todd Goldstein vs. 2018 Max Gawn

    Who had the better season?
  17. Always Ballin

    Best teams to miss the 8/Finals?

    Delete if this has already been made... This Port team... GOAT non finals team ever? EDIT: Not even close. Essendon same record similar % whooped em at AO. North and Adelaide both right there as well. This is actually an interesting question.. Only other teams I can think of, 2017 Melbourne...
  18. Always Ballin

    Society/Culture What will be the impact (social, political) when Australia gets it's first Aboriginal president?

    Parallels to Obama? First blackfulla running the country. When it happens (it will eventually) what social, political, cultural effects/impact will it have? Will it spur us much deeper into identity politics? Will it follow the cultural/social shift that occurred under 2 terms of Obama? We...
  19. Always Ballin

    I am no longer a loser i subscribed to /r/theredpill

    this must be what it feels like to chew 5 gum brb clearing tinder

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