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  1. Warsaw

    TV Succession

    It seems counter-productive to start a thread on a show that just aired it's season finale, but fu** me if that finale (and the season) isn't a compelling enough reason to start one, the best new show I've seen this year and some how (just somehow) quite possibly the best show of 2018 period...
  2. Warsaw

    TV Legion

    This shit was wild. First Marvel comic series on FX done by Noah Hawley - of Fargo fame so you know going in that it's going to be lit af - and it's like a Mr. Robot w/ superpowers. Comic book fans might know what's up, but the first episode is batshit insane. I don't even know if a basic...
  3. Warsaw

    TV The Young Pope

    So this starts on HBO in a few weeks, but it's already aired on Sky and all the episodes have been 'released'. I finished it, and all I can say is god damn :praying:. Created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, it's firstly one hell of a gorgeously directed show. But there's so much to it, that...
  4. Warsaw

    TV Atlanta

    Gotta hype this one up, because after watching the first two it's set to be one of the best shows of the year. It's the vehicle for Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Troy (of Troy and Abed in the morning fame) as a young 30 something, college dropout (from Princeton no less), father, broke...
  5. Warsaw

    The Philadelphia Experiment - Breaking Up Joel & Ben = Apex Raging Boomer Energy

    [NOTE: This was the original post for this thread, back when it first started. Then they pulled the plug out of Hinkie and subsequently pulled the plug out of that op. But now it's back even though its dated, because fu** it. Hinkie forever. Peace] ATTENTION SIXERS FANS AND POTENTIAL...
  6. Warsaw

    TV Rectify

    There was some discussion about it last year but no thread as far as I could see but it does deserve one as it was arguably one of the best shows of 2013. I'd probably only have had OITNB and Breaking Bad ahead of it. For those that haven't seen it, it's about a guy who'd been on death row...
  7. Warsaw

    Vale James Gandolfini (1961-2013)

    This is beyond sad. I'm still in shock. Dead from a heart attack at 51 :( Tony ******* Soprano. Can't believe it. Pretty much the most iconic role in the golden age of television. Love Him or hate him he was just a remarkable character and James deserved every single plaudit he got from...
  8. Warsaw

    TV Jane Campion's 'Top of the Lake'

    This is pretty brilliant. It's a miniseries that just started airing (first two eps are out) set in a remote New Zealand mountain town. Pretty much any review you read will tell you how this is like 'the Killing' but 100 times better. Just done so well. Cast is amazing. Elizabeth Moss is...
  9. Warsaw

    Movie 85th Academy Awards.

    Felt like chucking up a thread on this one seeing as the nominations just got released and it's all abuzz on the web. (updated with winners) Best Picture Amour Argo Beasts of the Southern Wild Django Unchained Les Miserables Life of Pi Lincoln Silver Linings Playbook Zero Dark Thirty Best...
  10. Warsaw

    TV House of Cards

    Holy Shit! Spaceyyyyyyyyy! the anti West Wing? Airs on Netflix, I believe in the same way as Arrested Development with everything being released at once on Feb 1. David Fincher directing :thumbsu:
  11. Warsaw

    Movie 84th Academy Awards

    Scrolling through the nominations today, and I'm thinking was 2011 really that bad? And then remember Drive and Shame and they aren't even nominated for Best Picture! *Sigh* Only been compelled to see 5 of the 9 Best Picture noms (still don't get why they don't stick with just 5), and...
  12. Warsaw

    TV Emmys

    So those Emmys were on today. Few of the main ones here, winners in bold. Outstanding Drama Series Boardwalk Empire Dexter Friday Night Lights Game Of Thrones The Good Wife Mad Men Outstanding Comedy Series The Big Bang Theory Glee Modern Family The Office Parks And...
  13. Warsaw

    TV Lights Out

    Reckon this will be one of the better shows of 2011. It's on FX so it's bound to be. Pilot's gotten good reviews. bpVAyZAse70 16meMgXM8Vo Edit: Starts Wednesday
  14. Warsaw

    TV 2011 TV Premiere Dates.

    Just a list of some of the new and returning shows for the Winter in the States. Dates US. New Shows Sun., Jan. 9 Shameless (Showtime) The Cape (NBC) Tue., Jan. 11 Lights Out (FX) Mon., Jan. 17 Skins (MTV) Fri., Jan. 21 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (Starz) Mon., Feb. 7 The Chicago...
  15. Warsaw

    Who shot JR?

    The man's last month of football has been very ordinary. Today was no exception. Turnovers: runs back and handballs it to awkward positions or get's tackled himself. Close my eyes any time he's doing the kick ins, although to be fair it's not like anyone's giving him a place to kick it too...
  16. Warsaw

    Lost - season 6 Thread 2

    If you don't want to know anything about the end DON"T READ THIS (nothing too spoilery), but this interview with Darlton does reveal a couple of things. So SPOILER ALERT
  17. Warsaw

    St.Kilda ???

    Don't buy into this no Riewoldt no St.Kilda. They have too many quality players in that side to seemingly drop back to a mediocre standard of football. What aren't they doing right and how can they fix it?? Has a premiership window for this season closed?
  18. Warsaw

    2nds VFL Northern Bullants V Frankston Rnd 4

    Northern Bullants vs. Frankston Saturday 1st May Visy Park at 2:00 PM Northern Bullants B Browne Spiteri Armfield HB J. Anderson Thornton Iacobucci C Lucas Grigg Johnson HF Garlett Waite Wiggins F McCorkell Arrowsmith Warnock R Jacobs Hadley Robinson INT Morgan Thomas Neaves Kerr A...
  19. Warsaw

    Fev Deal Near Failure Geez. Will he go to the Harbor Bridge now?

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