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  1. sverik25

    The Melbourne City Thread

    We're terrible against them at home, but we're generally even worse against them away.
  2. sverik25

    Autopsy AFLW Round 4, 2020: St.Kilda v Fremantle

    Not saying she doesn't know the rule or has an excuse not to know the rule, but for something so comical as not giving the ball back on the full, 50m is over the top IMO. There's definitely a place for a 25m penalty in our game as a whole.
  3. sverik25

    Autopsy AFLW Round 4, 2020: St.Kilda v Fremantle

    On a positive note, pleasantly surprised with how well the girls have been playing and really taking it up to arguably the three best teams in the competition in consecutive weeks. Bodes well for the future :thumbsu:
  4. sverik25

    Autopsy AFLW Round 4, 2020: St.Kilda v Fremantle

    Have thought this for a long time, but 50m penalties are too much, especially in the women's game. For one little mistake to decide the game like that is unbelievably harsh.
  5. sverik25

    Training 2020 Pre-Season

    The frustration from my end was it seemed to me that we could have gotten Hill without having to get rid of Acres, who to my mind was one of our more promising young players who we invested 75(?) games and 6 years into. To trade him out when he should be coming into the prime of his career...
  6. sverik25

    Training 2020 Pre-Season

    And we have a new avatar :fire:
  7. sverik25

    Official Club Stuff 2020 St.Kilda Membership Thread (43,837 - 05/04/2020)

    That'd be some kind of effort.
  8. sverik25

    Official Club Stuff 2020 St.Kilda Membership Thread (43,837 - 05/04/2020)

    Might be worthwhile George (and possibly more insightful) comparing this with 2018 to see how we're going against our record.
  9. sverik25

    News 2020 St.Kilda Media Thread

    Could you imagine the bleating from Kochie and co. if it were played at Moorabbin? Worth it just for that alone :D
  10. sverik25

    Opinion State of our jumper

    White collar and cuffs is quintessentially St Kilda IMO, just suits us down to a tee. Black collar and cuffs isn't bad but I'll be disappointed if we return to them.
  11. sverik25

    News 2019 St Kilda Media Thread

    Hope they keep the white collar and cuffs. XBlades nailed it I reckon.
  12. sverik25

    List Mgmt. Young, Newnes, White & Rice left behind

    Feel like both White and Rice had more to offer so sad to see them go. Especially Whitey, I feel like he was incredibly stiff not to have been given more opportunities this year. Nevertheless have enjoyed having them along for the ride and wish them all the best for the future, Robbie too.
  13. sverik25

    List Mgmt. 2019 Trade Thread - Part IV

    Think Acres is worth more to us than in any trade... seems a strange move to get rid of him now after putting 6 years and 75 games into him.
  14. sverik25

    List Mgmt. 2019 Trade Thread - Part IV

    Would be nice to have something locked away so the picture becomes a bit clearer...
  15. sverik25

    Autopsy 2019 AFL Grand Final - Richmond v GWS

    Not particularly enthused about either team winning, but don't like the AFL's love child and also how they went the thug in the first two weeks of finals so want Richmond to win.
  16. sverik25

    2019 AFL Crowds & Ratings Thread

    Where is this?
  17. sverik25

    2019 AFL Crowds & Ratings Thread

    Looks like Freo's best non-Derby crowd of the year as well.
  18. sverik25

    Autopsy Round 21, 2019: St.Kilda v Fremantle

    The last quarter was a really brave effort given we were behind and had 20 fewer rotations than Freo thanks to injuries. Not pretty but the win showed plenty of character.
  19. sverik25

    Autopsy Round 20, 2019: Adelaide v St.Kilda *DUNSTAN'S 100TH*

    Played like a team with something to lose tonight. Not prepared to take the game on enough. For the number of entries we had, the small forwards needed to do more. The forward pressure wasn't good enough and they weren't very involved in the play either. Long is very frustrating - can do some...

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