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  1. 2006_Eagles

    Multiplat Cloudpunk

    Whilst waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, check this one out for your Cyberpunky fix
  2. 2006_Eagles

    As an 80s baby I have massive nostalgia for the 90s...but

    I just listened to Glycerine by Bush and it hit me in the real feels. it was a different nostalgia than what I feel for the 80s but just as intense Im trying to differentiate my nostalgia for the 80s and 90s bit it’s really ******* hard
  3. 2006_Eagles

    Top 3 games of the decade

    1. Witcher 3 2. Mass Effect 2 3. Dead Space 2 HM: Fifa 12
  4. 2006_Eagles

    Is J-Law as Mystique one of the worst casting decisions of all time?

    Rebecca Romijn was so perfect Virtually every casting decision for the latest XMen series of movies was absolutely deplorable
  5. 2006_Eagles

    Analysis Going into a points deficit the following year

    Which pick does it affect? Does it push the first pick of the next year back the corresponding amount of points, or is a different pick affected?
  6. 2006_Eagles

    Analysis When a contracted player gets traded, what's the norm regarding his contract at the new club?

    Does the new club pay the remainder of the whole contract typically or is there usually some sort of fiancial support by the former club? Also, can a whole new contract be negotiated straight away and is this called an 'extension' rather than a fresh new one? Or does the initial contract stand...
  7. 2006_Eagles

    Nathan Fyfe v Elliot Yeo

    Both are absolute A Graders now. Both are amazing over head marks I'd wager that Elliot is actually a better kick on both feet Have at it :)
  8. 2006_Eagles

    Matty Lloyd used to take marks on the lead at breakneck speeds towards the ball

    It seems to be a lost art. Please provide reasons why thx
  9. 2006_Eagles

    EB Games having a sale from now until the end of July

    I only found out about this late last night. One deal a day, ending at midnight. Yesterdays deal was Wolfenstein 2 for $10!! which I managed to miss :mad: Today's is is AC: Origins for $20.
  10. 2006_Eagles

    Hughesy We Have A Problem

    Sam Simmons is doing it - enough said Also Kate and Anne in it, quietly confident this might be good
  11. 2006_Eagles

    Are you a PS4 player but much prefer offset sticks ala Xbox and Switch Pro?

    Gator Claw, $49 at JB. It feels amazing and shits all over the DS4. Only downside is the central button isn't touch sensitive but who gives a crap? Yep. Just get it. Gives 3rd party controllers a good name!
  12. 2006_Eagles

    Drew Petrie is my Lord and Saviour

    What he has done in 1 year at 34 years of age defies description Absolute gun
  13. 2006_Eagles

    Fuel are touring Fuel are touring Fuel are touring

    I've been waiting since I was 15 for these guys to tour and they're playing Sunburn the whole way through!!
  14. 2006_Eagles

    PS4 Factory reset of a PS4?

    I bought a PS4 from a certain re-selling establishment, and when I booted it up the morons hadn't done a full wipe of the system and there's still like 15 accounts on there. Is there any way I can do a factory reset without knowing the primary account's credentials?
  15. 2006_Eagles

    Karnivool 10-1

    10. Shutterspeed - Themata One of the first proper Karnivool tracks to emerge when we all realised, holy shit an album is finally coming!
  16. 2006_Eagles

    So Mitch Duncan just had 18 tackles

    Why is no one talking about this?
  17. 2006_Eagles

    Gavin & Stacey

    Thread to reminisce and share thoughts about this crackin series that was cut short Oh yeah, it also gave born to James Cordon and what he is today (Smiffy would have had none of that)
  18. 2006_Eagles

    Mutimer before Mountford

    Simpson thought that Mutimer would be a better pick than Mountford None of that was true so here we are
  19. 2006_Eagles

    Junglist has a new Games Show

    Plus babe who looks like Hex 1b complete with nose ring. Called Under Control. Definitely getting a Good Game vibe. Looks promising though. Junglist kinda looks like he's been indoors for the last 7 years playing games and hasn't seen natural light until now...
  20. 2006_Eagles

    Exceptional Retro Games Channel

    In no way affiliated with this Portugese guy, but I need to bring him to everyone's attention who loves old games and re-living memories Criminally under-subbed and viewed for the passion and content he brings to his videos If anyone's like me and they love retro game reminiscing, this is one...

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