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  1. reubski23

    NFL Favourite NFL broadcastee

    1. Watching the Panthers & Saints game as well as the Seahawks Cowboys game on Christmas Day- I just realized how much I love FOX’s production- HD seems more crystal clear and I’m one of those rare guys who likes Joe Buck! Am I making the HD thing up or is it just better on FOX? 2. Being a Pats...
  2. reubski23

    Herald Sun Essendon vs the Olympics

    right can I firstly please say upfront: 1. Hawks member 2. Don't hate Essendon 3. Hated the Essendon saga just wanted that to end that's about it. But what I have found unbelievable is how the News Limited papers have jumped on the back of Mack's comments regards to Sun Yang. It is not like...
  3. reubski23

    NFL Five Big Questions

    Hi all, Firstly enjoy this forum greatly. I have fIVE questions I would like to ask which I am always curious about and I will be interested to hear some answers from different people. 1. What american sport podcasts or tv shows do you enjoy? From best to worst for me: 1. Colin Cowherd FOX...
  4. reubski23

    Radio Footy Ratings

    Not sure if anyone else cares but I love this sort out of stuff.. Anyway I managed to get my hands on the football radio ratings for survey 4. Considering where SEN are coming from on a weekly rating sense it is quite fascinating how close they are to AW & ABC on the only broadcast which is...
  5. reubski23

    2015 World Cup final at the MCG Great news for the best sporting venue in the world
  6. reubski23

    Mega Thread Official Hawthorn FC Ticketing Thread - From here until September

    Guys, Thought it would be a good idea if we got a ticketing thread open again for people over the next 10 or so weeks who have tickets and want to sell or vice versa. After speaking to Grizz and the mess the rules of the thread are as follows: - Cannot sell tickets for greater than face...
  7. reubski23

    Jeff Kennett wants Clarkson out

  8. reubski23

    Rumour put to bed I think that is what a lot of the Hawthorn members wanted. Lets hope that there is no more rumours etc.
  9. reubski23

    Clarkson- Buddy on the Wing

    At the start of the year when Buddy played quite high up on the wing and in the mid field there were a few annoyed members, confused media etc. We had the best player in the leage and we were playing him out of position. At the time Clarkon said it was to allow the team to be less buddy...
  10. reubski23

    Is Hawks vs Essendon sold out??

    Above?? Can't seem to find any tickets on ticketmaster, very upsetting! Do not understand how this game is at etihad
  11. reubski23

    Drop Buddy

    Doesnt work hard enough. Too selfish, not good enough. I really hope a lot of band wagon posters, supporters, Mick Malthouse, members etc apologise. We are that luck to have him, and the amount people calling for him to get dropped was staggering. Hopefully, I don't see any of them...
  12. reubski23

    9.30pm Hawthorn Adelaide Elimination Final 2007

    Tonight on Fox Footy 9.30pm- Hawks vs Crows. Couldn't see this on the board- one of the best games I have ever seen- I cannot believe it has been 5 years! Rough with the Mullet. Hodge just killing it, Crawford killing himself to win his first final in years. Great game.
  13. reubski23

    Buddy and Rough will they be cited?

    Buddy for his "legging" of John **** ( which Edward McGuire said would be looked at) and for the sling tackle right in the centre circle which the umpire bizzarely said was "too rough". Roughead- for going in head first. Will they get weeks? and if they do, can we just tank next week? I...
  14. reubski23

    Dear channel what is India chasing?

    Thank you
  15. reubski23

    Where are you sitting Geelong Vs Hawthorn?

    Just thought it would be interesting to know where everyone is sitting on Friday night? I think I got pretty good tickets M52 row K, pretty much the opposite of where my reserved seat is during the H&A season.
  16. reubski23

    Sam Mitchell out for the next two

    Just said on triple m, sammy out for 2 weeks with a limb injury probably caused in the Carlton game late first quarter i think
  17. reubski23

    How Many Weeks Will Buddy Get This Time?

    Buddy reported For an elbow, looks quite bad
  18. reubski23

    The I was WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG so F*&^^ing WRONG thread

    Come on guys and girls, you were so happy to post in the first quarter when we were getting beat. Bagging the club, Questioning the The Passion The Endeavour The Heart The Love The Coach Don't feel shy. You were wrong. Let's go
  19. reubski23

    Xavier Ellis haters STFU

    you know shit, he will be a superstar
  20. reubski23

    News Hodge and Sewell unlikely Hawthorn's Luke Hodge could have to wait another week to make his debut as captain and, along with hard nut Brad Sewell, is under an injury cloud for tomorrow's clash against...

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