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    Preview AFLW R6 North Melbourne v Collingwood, 4.45pm Saturday 9 March, Marvel Stadium

    It's a long way in advance, but this game (on International Women's Day) will not just be North Melbourne's only match in metropolitan Melbourne for season 2019, and probably a vital match towards the end of the short season. This day will also feature an exhibition of women's masters (over...
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    Gambling help please

    I never bet on anything to do with football and I do my best to ignore all the gambling advertising. So how would I place a bet on the Brownlow? My partner - against my advice - is keen to punt on Goldy.
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    Triple towers

    We regularly debate the merits of North's/Scott's persistence with playing three tall forwards. I heard an interesting radio interview today where Ken Hinckley said the game was heading back to lower rotations and Port were planning carefully to have three talls forward, like the power teams of...
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    Tim Rogers recording new theme song?

    I saw something on twitter about a new version for home games - does anyone know more?
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    North greats talking to the team about finals

    This article is mostly about Luke, but I love that these guys came to talk with the whole team this week. Nice for Fruity to come back - obviously no hard feelings on either side about him moving on. The Roos were addressed by icons Glenn Archer, David King, Craig Sholl, Mick Martyn and Brett...
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    AFL's youngest player This is mainly club news, but I thought it was worth mentioning here that the youngest player in the competition will be debuting this Saturday. Kayne Turner has put on 8kg and worked very hard since being picked late in the...
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    Team to play Brisbane

    Didn't see it anywhere else. In Max, as announced out Robbie Emergencies Daw, Jacobs, Anthony Lions have four out and four in - can only recall Aish and McGrath of the ins.
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    Jonathan Brown

    Twitter saying the press conference today with Brown, Leppitsch and Leigh Matthews will announce his retirement. Complete champion, only forward close to Carey. But why this week?
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    Key witnesses interviewed again by ASADA Age reporting that key witnesses have been reinterviewed "in recent weeks", at the suggestion of Garry Downes, to tie up details in their investigation.
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    Niño Alavi, radio star

    I happened to switch on SEN the other evening in the car, and was surprised to hear Finey introduce Alavi as if he was a regular guest to talk about supplements for fitness and wellness. Is that surprising to anyone else, given all the publicity over this saga? Or does it show that very few...
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    Our Emily wins AFL scholarship

    The AFL is pleased to advise Emily Buysen from the North Melbourne Football Club was awarded the 2014 Jill Lindsay Scholarship at the AFL Women’s Industry Lunch in Melbourne today. Jill Lindsay was the AFL’s longest serving employee having completed 41 years at the AFL in various roles...
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    Time to sing again

    It's been too long. HEARTS TO HEARTS...
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    If you could indulge me for a minute

    Today was the first game of tackers (under 9 footy) for my seven year old son, Archie. Among the many highlights of the day was when he took a big mark during warmup and got a pat on the shoulder and praise from David Parkin, who happened to be walking past (on his way to support a grandchild...
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    Dean Laidley on SEN

    I just caught the last few minutes. Dean said that if he had known then what he knows now, he would have waited longer to take a senior coaching job - it's hard when the opportunity is available to be one of the small number of senior AFL coaches, but he would have been a better coach with more...
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    Hurling (the Irish game) at Arden Street

    Having just lugged two hurlers and two sliotars back from Ireland, I've been reading about the game - the Wikipedia entry mentions that it was big in Australia around when our game was created, and also that Arden St in North Melbourne was some kind of base for playing it in the 1920s. Does...
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    Steve Saunders

    There's a post on the MB saying Collingwood are poaching him to replace Buttifant. That would hurt.
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    Caroline Wilson

    We've all had our issues with Caro in the past, and I'm sure we will again (especially while JB is in charge). But over the last few months, and especially when I heard bit of 3AW talkback today, I've had a very unpleasant realisation of what feral club supporters look and send like when they...
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    Can we get a factual timeline?

    It's come up a few times now - did A happen before or after B happened. Plus we've had wall to wall overload for seven months, plus there are years of club activities before February, so it would be helpful to pull out some basic facts. I love a puzzle and I have a bit of time, but would...
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    Geoff Walsh approached, says Caro

    Buried in here, it says North is me of several clubs that has approached Geoff Walsh.
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    Momentum changes in 2013 Interesting Jake Niall article in today's Age - North has done it most often, but it's not just us. Eleven games this year, teams have won after being more than five goals behind - we have lost four of them...

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